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Online Ptsd Test

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I didnt write the regulation. Everyone had a chance to comment on the reg when it was at the Federal Register site. The link was posted at hadit. I griped in the public comment area about the VA diagnosis of PTSD being required.I think there were 600 or more public c0omments from vets, widows, lawyers, vet reps etc etc. I think recognized 2 members here as commenters.

This PTSD regulation has already been discussed quite a bit at hadit ,I have posted all the info I have on it to include the NOVA case info at the court and I dont have anything else to add to this but others can chime in.

"I dont doubt what you say is true, but it seems to me to fly in the face of regulations which allow the Veteran to obtain IMO's from private physicians to be used as evidence to grant benefits"

Right- That is why it has been challenged in court.

On November 19th, 2010 the NOVA petition was consolidated with the Court to include Paralyzed Veterans of America, Veterans of Modern Warfare, and NVLSP (National Veterans Legal Services Program) as Plaintiffs.

When I get any update at all,from any of above entities on this case, I will post the info here.

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I think under the guise of liberalizing the PTSD stressor rules the VA manipulated the law to increase the burden on vets who have PTSD. I think they knew what they were doing. All that has to happen now is for the word to go out that "we don't want all these PTSD DX'es. Let's say they have Adjustment Disorder", then that is what happens. This is putting the fox in charge of the hen house. This is the law however. The VA gets to decide who has PTSD and who does not have it. This should be changed. They turned a good rule change into a weapon to deny benefits. They saw a mountain of PTSD claims coming at them and reacted in their slimy, rat way.

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Honestly, I only take these type of test for entertainment. Already have two VA doctors dxing me with PTSD. Hope no one thought this test would a lone say that have PTSD. Took a test one time that said I would make a great Drag Queen :biggrin:. For a week, my wife had to fight for her clothes :tongue:


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John- I sure agree-

in one of my older posts here I deemed the new regs as helping many OIF OEF PTSD vets but one more way to f--- other PTSD veterans. :blush:

You are far more diplomatic than I am.

With the GW still undeclared as over- they knew they would get an influx of more PTSD vets, and this would cost them Money.

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