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C&p For Everything?

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Deacon 2011


Rec'd a call from the VA, they want to schedule me for a C&P to determine IU; operator couldn't tell me much... just that it appeared that everything that I had ever claimed since I retired from active duty in 2006 was listed on this request. Does this mean that everything that I have ever received compensation for will be evaluated again?

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wow... this is so dad-gum frustrating, I just went through all of this stuff a few months ago. So will I have to be re-examine, tested, plugged up, wired up, to everything again?

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Deacon - it depends - I've had C & P's before that had 5 things this one guy was rating me on. My hearing loss was a different exam and my PTSD was a different exam. Make sure to have your game face on. I have a C & P in the morning for about 4 things including IU.

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Medic-real smooth how you have an ad in your info. Or maybe not my probelm, guess TBIRD should get %..JMHO

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Thanks for the info... I got a call from VES on Monday, I have a series of appointments over the next week to re-assess everything that I've ever had a claim for to include things I listed when I retired from active duty. I also have a new exam for scheduled for PTSD, I've never claimed PTSD before but it was listed in the medical report from the SSA during the decision for SSDI.

In addition to the things above, they are deciding on my eligibility for TDIU (currently 70% TBI, 10% for a host of other stuff). VA expressed that I send in my VCAA for the IU right away, did that... included my SSDI award and medical exams as an IMO. My hope is, the reasoning for all of the other exams (hearing, eyes, cognitive and general medical for everything else) is an indicator that this will all be over with in a few months, if not sooner, if IU is awarded.

Your thoughts?

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