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  1. In 1969 had shot in left and right arm same time then given the Polio Sugar Cube. Had dozens of shot in Amariillo, Lackland & Vietnam most with the gun.
  2. When you are 100% P&T, you got all you can get, so I believe my comment was on point Well, hell I have to call the VA & give them back everything over 100%. I hope you don't pass the kind of information to other vets. After the 100%, I had Agent Orange connected Cancer & then IHD. So I guess the VA wants the money back. I lost track of what this conversation was all about when I read your comment. The VA needs to do away with most of the SMC program if they follow your advice. Sorry this upsets me.
  3. Yes..Yes love it when I vet wins. Cograts on your win.
  4. Good luck with your claim. Just thinking, not many vets that don't need money yesterday. I've yet to meet vet that said take your time, let others go ahead I don't need the money anyway. I know that you have hardship, most of us have needs just wonder how the VA rates those requests. I've had friends that lost families, homes, job etc. waiting on the VA. Sad, but waiting is the only thing consistant about the entire VA System.
  5. "returning your claims file to the VA Medical Center" When I read the above I'm thinking Remand for another C & P. Why would it go to the VA Medical Center otherwise? JMHO
  6. At some point, probably 1998, I decided that I was finished with VSO & have gone out on my own since then. If I need to know anything I ask Hadit members & try to research using the computer. It's my claim & regardless of what happens I just take the blame & go on with my life. It's a lot less drama for me. You have to decide if you want to go alone or seek another VSO. If you look for another VSO talk with as many vet friends in your area & one might appear. Then if he is any good he'll probably be so busy he can't see you for months. GOOD LUCK
  7. evandc


    Thanks, I've added Independent Living Program (ILP) to Ebenefits as things I need to avoid.
  8. Why do vets drive themselves crazy checking Ebenefits? Seems until you have the letter in hand it's just waste of time. JMHO
  9. Sounds like you have SMC "K" Award already. As far as I know that's all you would get for that & Guess you are getting residuals of Prostate Cancer at some low ball percentage also.
  10. Love It...when Vet finally gets what they deserve from VA. Be good to yourself & family Don
  11. Great News...always love it when vets gets what he deserves...you & your husband take care & enjoy it..
  12. You'll have convinced me I made the correct decision not signing up for Ebebefit or any of the other happy VA computer help systems. Last thing a person needs that has PTSD & bad Heart is more stress. JMHO, Don
  13. Every one of us will recieve this Health Eleigibility Center of the Depatment of VA Handebook & has nothing to do with your claim. Sorry, if I'm wrong someone correct me. Don
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