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  1. I have a question, please excuse my ignorance as I am not fully versed on the 100% rating for PTSD. I understand what P&T and TDIU is and all that. My question is I am currently 50% for PTSD. I am rated at 80% for all disabilities. I have had in the past year an increase in suicidal and homicidal ideation I was baker acted but then released once I got to the local hospital not the VA hospital. All of my Dr's and my C&P examiner suggest that I enter inpatient treatment. I am currently employed. If I get an increase to 100% for PTSD what Will I have to do. If I can't w
  2. Brother I understand, believe me. I know how it is no one will ever come out and say anything especially when you are a young soldier. As time goes by and you see more and more traumatic events things get worse. It's a shame how you were treated, I am sorry to hear that. All of what you stated should be enough, the reason I asked about the meeting is its just more evidence to help yor case. You have more than enough, I can't believe you were denied. It's a shame. Thankfully you have Berta helping you. I wish you the best of luck, thank you for your service brother.
  3. Were you there when it happened? When you did the rescue and recovery did you pick up and remove bodies/body parts ?. What did you see. Thats a traumatic experience but these are the things they will look for. It's good to have letters from others on scene. Did you see a Psych DR after the incident as part of a mandatory lets talk about r fillings kind of crap. I know of some Coast guard guys who are SC for for picking up bodies of migrants that died at sea and were floating out there for a long time so they were all burned and stuck to the rafts. It was kids and babies along with adults and
  4. Hi Berta how are you? 

    I Have a question regarding PTSD. I am already 50% and have been since 2010. I have a question that is very private in nature. I was wondering if there is away to send you a private message to get your opinion. I am sorry to be a bother, I just don't know my way around the board, as this seems to be a PM. It's a question that has to do with me applying for an increase and an incident that happened that I don't want to be made public.

    thank you for your help.

  5. I have called twice and was in a really bad spot, and they were surprisingly very helpful and knowledgeable one of the guys was a social worker.
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