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Anxiety % Wag's?



Here are the findings of the C&P exam. I color coded all the items that the Dr listed in her findings. As you can see they go from 30 to 70%. I was diagnosed with alcohol dependence, depression, anxiety and MST while active. Any wag's?

Axis I: Anxiety Disorder, Panic Attacks with Agoraphobia and Alcohol dependence with Full Sustained Remission.
AxisII: None noted
Axis III: See medical records
AxisIIII: Psychosocial and Envirnment Problems, (social envirnment, Academic and Occupational)
AxisV: GAF 60
[X] Occupational and social Impairment with reduced reliability and productivity.
Depressed Mood. Anxiety.
Panic Attacks that occur weekly or less often
Chronic sleep impairment
Flattened affect; circumstantial, circumlocutory, or stereotyped speech
Disturbances of motivation and mood; difficulty in establishing and maintaining effective work and social relationships
Near-continuous panic or depression affecting the ability to function independently, appropriately and effectively

Difficulty in adapting to stressful circumstances (including work or a worklike setting)

and obsessional rituals which interfere with routine activities.

Yellow = 30%

Blue = 50%

Green = 70%

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  • Moderator

My experience is that the VA usually lowballs..this would mean the lower of the 3 or 30% BUT (and this is a big but) you have to have a nexus to be service connected. A GAF of 60 is pretty mild, probably "taking you out" of the 70 and 100 categories.

The important thing: Are you working? It sounds like you are. This also probably means you wont get either 70 or 100, but 50 or 30.


With a good nexus, you are likely to get 30 but can hope for 50%. Of course, this assumes you are working. If you are not working, then you can "bump" that up, as working is critical.

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My wag is 30% not enough symptoms checked for 50 and gaf is high. I am 50% for mental myself but my c&p was a big deal difference comparing to yours. Next step is treatment. Va loves paper and treatment records can boost you up percentage wise.

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  • Moderator

The unemployment and Agoraphobia are important, however, I did not have that information when I made the "first guess".

There is a very big difference between "unemployed" and "unemployable".

The major difference is usually when the DOCTOR says you are unemployable.

You can be 25 and perfectly healthy and unemployed. "Unemployable" suggests the doc has opined that your medical conditions prevent you from SGE (Substantial Gainful employment).

If YOUR DOC says you are unemployable, then your chances for a higher rating increase dramatically.

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Once again thank you to my fellow vets for assisting me with this process. Like to many other vets I have been doing this on my own for to long. I read the entire diagnosis and it says nothing about me being unemployed or unemployable. Although it is my VA C file that I have been unemployed since 2010. I have had 100' of appointment (No kidding) due to my SATP, liver issues. I was sent to Pittsburgh VAMC from St Petersburg to be evaluated for transplant. I have been on the liver transplant list since Sept 2011. I checked eben today and I went into Pending Decision Approval. Hopefully the new year is starting off good for me!

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My claim went into Pending Decision Approval yesterday, and today it went into Preparation for Notification. Hopefully this is good news and a good start to the new year!

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  • Moderator

Regardless of the outcome of your decision, since you are unemployable, you should file for TDIU sooner rather than later. I would not even wait until you get the decision. Earlier application date means earlier effective date which means bigger retro. Delay applying means later effective date means less retro.

You can figure out how much it will cost you to delay filing for TDIU for a month. Assuming you get approved, eventually, 1 month times $2973 minus what you already received, say 30% or about $450 equals about $2500 that it will cost you for each month you delay filing for TDIU.

Of course, this does not apply if you dont meet the criteria, that is, if you are UNEMPLOYED, but not UNEMPLOYABLE. Often, Vets dont know the difference, I know I did not.

When my DOC said I was unemployable, that is when I finally figured it out. It is possible, or even likely that you are UNEMPLOYABLE but your doc has not opined as such, possibly because you did not see him or ask him if you are unemployable.

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My claim went into Pending Decision Approval yesterday, and today it went into Preparation for Notification. Hopefully this is good news and a good start to the new year!

this just means that your rating decision has been signed and awaiting to be distributed. I would say within the next two weeks you should receive your rating decision. If i may ask, what type of claim did you file, how long has it taken and which VARO is doing the adjudicating?

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I just looked at my C&P. They didn't have my c-file at the time

Got a GAF:60

Axis I: PTSD with alcohol abuse in partial remission.

Symptoms : Anxiety, chronic sleep impairment, flattened affect, difficulty establishing and maintaining effective work and social relationships.

Competency: Yes

Maybe with the other aspects of my claim I'll end up with 50%

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Update, they deferred everything accept for the Hernia. They gave me 20%, this was on Jan 2. The AB8 was online the 4th and I received my retro pay today in my account (8th). I wish all of this would have gone this quick.

The scheduled me for another C&P for the deferred mental issues. The rater deferred because they needed a C&P for Anxiety, which I already did last month, the same day I did the hernia appt. I told them this was already done, they checked the C&P exam and there it was, somehow the raters missed it. She sent it back to the raters as of Friday of last week. Hopefully this one goes as quick as the hernia one did. That retro check was nice, my claim in was started in early 2011.

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Great news from my claim I filed in 6/11. I was given 70% for Anxiety and 20% for my Hernia, to total 80%. Great way to start the new year, thanks for everyone on this forum that has helped me and taken the time to give me your thoughts. Back pay hurry up!

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GREAT.....what did they say as to TDIU? Did VA defer TDIU?

Did they enclose a 21-8940 for you to file out and send to them?????

Lots of info about the form in our TDIU forum.........

This is GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You deserved this award veteran and I think they might owe you more via TDIU.

Do you get SSDI and is it solely for the SC conditions?

You did very well.......relax, enjoy this victory, great news here today on some awards ...............for a change

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Thank you Berta,

I received the letter and a phone call from my DAV and American Legion with the news. They said they mailed there letter out to me, but I am awaiting the BBE. I will follow up with you when I get it, it has been mailed and I am sure I will have tons of questions in reference to the TDIU.

Thanks again to EVERYONE!!!

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Thank YOU for your service!!!!!!

Yes we can help here with the TDIU form...........how did you get 2 POAs???????? (DAV and AL)

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I filed with the American Legion, and about 3 months ago I got in contact with a DAV rep that was actually in the RO. It was after I filled a Congressional inquiry he called and helped me out greatly.

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If you dont mind telling us......

what VARO is this?

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