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Applying For Pension Again


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Hello all,

I'm in a bad way here. My wife of 27 years walked out on me a few months ago, and I am now left

left to survive on my meager retirement of $600 a month. I know I will qualify for NSC pension as I

was awarded it just a few years ago, and only became ineligible due to taking early retirement in

2012, which put us over the financial limit.

My question is, I was just wondering, if anybody has had any experience or knowledge of this, as to know, will I have to have divorce papers in my hand, as proof I no longer have my wifes' income, before I even reapply.

There is no doubt a divorce is forthcoming. It's just, at the moment, I don't even know where she is, and if it cost more than a nickel, I couldn't afford it.

and just to qualify myself, the leaving has nothing to do with any type abuse on my part. Long story.

I'll just say - I never saw it coming

I am 64 years old, with severe emphysema,DD, and DJ, PTSD, and a host of other problems, not the least of which is weight loss - down to 115 lb.s, from a normal body weight of 185.. I'm 6 ft. 2. Skeleton

I'm now 3 months into year 4, on an appeal (3 issues), and I can tell you that if something doesn't give

someway, somehow soon, I don't know what I may do

I'm sorry to have gone off on a rant, but I am cracking up and there is no one to talk to

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Are you currently receiving medical care from a VAMC

and if not, have you gotten copies of medical records

from private care and submitted them to the VBA or provided VBA with

a release and info on where to get your private care records ?

Do you have any representation?

Hang in there.

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Sorry to hear of your troubles bud. I am a 6'3 slim jim, but it is due to my Crohn's Disease, LOL! I see that you are 0% VA, it seems to me you would easily qualify for 100%SC if it is all due to your military service. Have you applied for SSDI. I was hurting financially last year draining what little savings I had, and then in the last few months I went to 100% and was awarded SSDI. Go down and talk to you local county Govt and see what help there is out there. I know a lot of folks that get food stamps and insurance where they are separated but not divorced. God Bless and good luck bud.

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Thanks for replying

Sorry for my late reply. It's hard to get around to anything lately.

First off, I have secured living arrangements with my youngest daughter, so I

have a roof over my head, and I won't starve, so I'm feeling better.

Yes Carlie, I receive "care", at my local RO, where I have been, off and on, for

the past 44 years.

I signed a POA with the VFW about 5 years ago, when I initiated my first- and only -

claim, and over the 9 month period it took to adjudicate it, I tried numerous times to

speak with this VSO I was assigned, and then just gave up.

When the decision came I was awarded a NSC pension, and denied SC on 3 issues.

I put together my own NOD one year later and haven't dealt with any VSO since.

I have applied twice for certain records from VA, and twice I've been sent the wrong ones.

After NARA advised me my SMRs would be at my local RO, I went there in person

and was told to request my C-file "That's where they'll be", the guy said. Four months

later I get my C-file and there is not one page of an SMR. So here I am

Concerning my weight thing, after a couple of years of tests, and nutritionist, and

what-not, my PCP says it's the emphysema, finally. I don't know what to believe

I haven't been to the VA for a year and a half, but I've made an appt. for Aug.

Thanks for listening, hope I didn't talk too much

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