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Navy4Life Heading Up Haditfest Get Together

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Wow! It looks like this will happen! If you want to go to the haditfest, then contact Navy4Life for details.

We are going to be working out some of the details this morning. Either PM Navy4LIfe or post below, your questions, and especially your input, such as:

Where would you like Haditfest 2015 held?

How long would you like it to be?

What would you like to see there?

Will you be attending? Your spouse?

Can you help? Navy4Life May need help with food, drinks, selecting the site, selecting the dates, and pretty much all other details.

Do you have suggestions? We want to hear them!

ALSO, if you or someone you know can sponsor people who are disabled Vets or Widows of disabled Vets that can not afford to come, please contact Tbird or Navy4Life! Dont donate to some of the Veterans organizations, where you dont know where your money will wind up: It just might be an "increase" for a VSO boss (or WWP boss) who is already making 300,000 per year, "helping" Veterans! Do NOT forget to donate to HADIT, because without this, our get together would not be possible. Tbird needs the help. Isn't it a shame that our founder can not afford this? Tbird founded this site, and hadit members probably helped you win your benefits, so its your turn to give something back. Thank you for your service, now give something back to hadit.

If you are reading this, you proabably are invited: You probably are a hadit member, you probably are a disabled Veteran, or have a spouse who is, or, you are probably a widow/widower of a Veteran.

Thanks, in advance, for your input, and making this get together happen.

Especially thanks to Navy4Life for organizing this, and to all others who volunteer to help.

And, especially thanks to others who did not expect me to organize this, that would have been a disaster.

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Not long ago me and some other disable veterans and our spouses got together in Nashville Tn, we stayed at red roof Inn fairly reasonable with 10%discount for us vets, We would go to a near by restaurant to eat , everyone/& couples went paid for there own ticket each time and any outside entertainment we just paid for it on our own...because some liked to do different things so it made it easier and everyone was happy.

We would agree on a meeting place to meet an visit with other veterans and there wifes..we all had a very good time and I got to meet some great older country music stars and some younger ones too.

A get together like this is somewhat different than a family reunion were everyone usually brings pot luck (food) and different ones is in charge of things like Ice/Bread/Water ect,,,ect,, and your usually at a lake and have the pavilion to set up /electric to have Refrigerator/Frezzers for refrigerated foods from the locals.

As for as how time limit everyone was free to stay as long as they wanted to we stayed 3 days Friday thru Sunday....some stayed longer just depends on what one can afford and how long they choose to stay.(most of us will probably fly in & some I'm sure have RV's to travel & stay in.

We did this once in Las Vegas too...that was fun trip..but if your better off staying out of those nice lighted casinos (lol)

I vote for the Florida Trip at the Green Resort jbasser mention.

but to us its really what the majority wants to do....just not a cold climate!

I am not sure on the dates (hopefully summer time) but if its a year or so from now that will give us time to save up for it as we live from payday to payday....


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How about the ones that can pitch in to help with the ones that need help coming and also pay for the rooms & food.....We're sure not Rich but I think we can put in 50.00 bucks to help with the kitty.

We all agree to select a financial secretary (so-speak) to be in charge and keep up with the kitty & pitch in even if you don't have plans to come every little bit helps and your helping out a fellow veteran that others wise may be just stuck at home and doing nothing but watching TV.

We have a lot of members here on hadit and I'm sure we all can pull this off if we want it to happen

just have someone in charge to keep up with the $$ that is sent in and give a receipt back to the ones that sent in some.

And just keep it in a safe place until 30 days before the trip. and send the ones that can't make it (Financial wise) the air fare (''jbasser'' mention an airlines that has a great discount for veterans.

Also got to thinking

Mondays thru Thursday' are usually cheaper to rent rooms & travel and maybe plan this sometimes in Sept/Oct would help as for as the financial strain for some . (just a thought)

Anyway when everyone gets there who ever is in charge of the pot (kitty) keep up with the funds....and any funds that are left... & we all agree to give it to Ms Tbird to do as she wish.

I think this is what is in question about the ones that can't make up there mind to come rather or not they can afford it?

I know we all have our Bills and what Knott but remember if you can help out with this it will give you joy to help a fellow veteran and to meet a lot of hadit members that help/OR helping you win your claim.

Again All of this is on a volunteer bases! send what you can if you can't don't worry about it just come if you can and meet some of the most wonderful unselfish people you ever have or volunteer to help some other vet in need.

The more the merrier and to meet and greet some of the well known elder members of hadit...well for me its a one in a lifetime chance to get to meet some of the people that help change my life for the better.

Winning our claims and doing better for our family's is what this is all about.

This is only a suggestion and other opinions/suggestions are sure welcome.


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