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Medicare Part D & Affordable Care Act Compliance Letters

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I noticed something new on my eBenefits page today. It's been a few weeks since I looked at my letters, and I'm still sitting on 10% plus a 0%, with a NOD pending on other conditions.

Of course, I don't have an increase in rating yet, but I noticed two new letters. The first is a letter stating that I am in compliance with the Affordable Care Act by having VA medical coverage. (I'm paraphrasing of course.)

The second is something about Medicare Part D prescription drugs equivalence through the VA.

Now, I'm only 46 and know that I am nowhere near Medicare age, and don't think that I'm eligible for any other medical coverage through the VA other than my for my service connected conditions. I did receive a letter and a VA medical card because I live too far from a clinic or VAMC. However, even with the card and the ACA compliance letter, I doubt that I am covered for meds or medical treatment, outside of anything directly linked to those service connecteds.

Does anybody have any information on any changes at the VA, or know what these letters mean? I realize that the compliance letter probably would help relieve me from having to pay the ACA tax if I didn't have a different type of health insurance, but it is confusing.

Any thoughts or ideas?


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At 10 percent you are in Priority group 3 and you have a comprehensive healthcare plan within the walls of the VAMC with co pays for certain services and medications.

This satisfies the requirements for the Affordable Helathcare act.


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Even with VA care, and that it meets the AFC, you may find that VA care is not as available or timely as you might need.

We have carried outside insurance, simply because in many cases prompt medical care was only available outside the VA,

and private insurance (later medicare advantage) allowed us to obtain the needed care promptly.

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For many years I had to rely solely on the VA and now I have a Medicare Advantage Plan. The main advantage is for the Insurance Company not the Docs or the patients. However, it is still a lot better than the poor care I get from VA. As you get older and sicker you really depend on specialists to keep you on right meds. The VA has not changes any medications I take except to stop giving me ones I took for years. I have not been prescribed a new medicine in over 6 years

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