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Can You Spot The Problem

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If that is all they sent to you---one page...and no Reason or Bases or Evidence list,

file an Iris complaint.

Go to, then click on the Contact US Section and then on Ask a Question and then somewhere there is the Compliant button.....

and ask for the complete decision

or tell me what VARO this is and I will see if I have any email addy for the director there.

One cannot file NOD when VA does not tell them why there is no change in payment.

I have a similar issue pending. 'nochange in payment'

I received an award for posthumous 1151 CVA, 100% P & T plus SMC and 2 dependents, 8-9-92 to 10-14-94.March 6,2015

They said my accrued payment would not change.

They only paid me a 6 month accrued on 2012 They refused to read my evidence for the entire period above but verified I am still eligible for accrued.

No reason or regulation. The Director called me to "explain" the decision. She gave me a reason, yet no reason appears in the decision. Because there is no regulation that supports what she said.

Since March 6th I have been trying to get this resolved.

It was by far one of the most ridiculous things I ever heard.No wonder the director called me up---no hard copy---of what she said.

. They would not put that reason into a decision because it is absurd, and defies all VA case law.

I hope you don't deal with Buffalo.

Maybe this is their new stall tactic...give no reasons or bases for decision?

It looks to me that they also forgot your appeal well a Benefit of Doubt.statement. I won a cue on that in April.another bogus decision.

You need to get on them right away about this. Give IRIS the initials in the numeric on the 'decision'., and the date.


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Thanks, Berta, actually they sent three pages the other pages just continue with the usual stuff. And as I posted on another thread one of the "Evidence Considered" was:

"Email correspondence from Dr. Quack dated May 21, 2015"

I have not been able to view this email. It was sent the day after my C&P exam.

The VARO is Detroit.

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I actually thought they only sent one page!

Please disregard my advice.

I do not have time to find the other thread.

I also will not answer any questions here about any decisions , anymore, without seeing the actual total. as to their reasons and Bases... I think you called that the "usual stuff" and it is probably their R & B.

I only had time to read 2 posts here this AM, and wasted my time already on yours.

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I see no decision or no evidence they base there decision on. unless its on another page?

The page you posted on here is obviously ''incomplete'!

I see No Address from your Regional Office with phone number address or phone.

on top the letter head.

This is the first time I see a Form like this!

Call IRIS and complain about it.

Unless they (VA)has changed up things for FDC claim and we don't know about it yet?


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Todd, I have to agree with Berta. There are just too many Vets on here posting half reports, wrong info, or no evidence or right to Service Connection to begin with. So what happens, we all try to help on here, and instead end up chasing our tails. As I have stated on many Threads on here, Evidence is Evidence is Evidence!!! Not saying this is your case, good luck

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