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Va-Caused Tomah Death Confirmed


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Full story at the IG web site, newest Press Release

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Yeah, Tomah aka Candyland (see past VA Scandal on Tomah)... and I bet this wont be the only wrongful death there.

The VAOIG reports reads in part as:

"Unexpected Death of a Patient During Treatment wi
th Multiple Medications,
Tomah VAMC, Tomah, WI
Executive Summary
"The VA Office of Inspector General (OIG)
Office of Healthcare
Inspections (OHI)
conducted an inspection at t
he request of Senator Tammy Baldwin and Senator Ron
Johnson to assess the merit of an allegation m
ade to OHI by a father
after his son died
unexpectedly during the course
of treatment for mental health (MH) problems at the
Tomah VA Medical Center (fac
ility), Tomah, WI. The father alleged that his son
(patient) died from an overdos
e of medications administer
ed while receiving treatment
at the facility.
The medical examiner concluded that the patient’s cause of death was mixed drug
toxicity. We enlisted the services of a
non-VA forensic toxicologist to serve as a
consultant and subject matter expert. The consultant agreed with the medical

examiner’s conclusion"

I also bet that the family might not have been fully informed of what VA really doesn't want anyone to know....

This is not a FTCA case until the family files a SF 95.....

If they think the OIG will do that for them , they are wrong.......

They were smart to contact those 2 Senators...otherwise VA would have never really looked into this wrongful death.

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I'm so tired of reading the many examples of senseless tragedy associated with the VA's action or inaction...

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