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VA FAst Letter/MOS list Hearing loss-tinnitus

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 The Full MOS list might be at VBN as well.

The links here are broken to the FL 10-35, and the link I posted days ago , a pdf from State of Tenneesee, dealing this important fast letter and MOS list is now only linking me to their main home page .

We had 2 members here recently ,one who needs this info and one whose VARO recently deliberately ignored the application of this Fast Letter.

I hope the above link is searchable here if anyone needs it , or that someone will find a link to FL 10-35 here that actually works.


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Tbird, as Georgiapapa said there, that is the wrong Fast Letter.

Another link I tried here denied my account access to it...whatever that means....


This is one of some  time consuming  remands by the BVA ,whereby the VARO did not apply the Fast Letter to the veteran's claim:

It would be great if someone here has the MOS list for all service branches.

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GREAT. I saved it to my PC.....

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You can add me to the list of members whose rater didn’t use Fast Letter 10-35. I filed a claim in March 2015 and was denied for hearing loss in my left ear and tinnitus. In addition to my MOS of 11B, I was a ‘goose’ gunner (M3) for ~18 months. The crew experiences one the highest sound pressure levels of any weapon in the military (~190 dB). Furthermore, my right ear hearing level progressed from normal my first year after enlistment, to mild loss after year two, and mild loss meeting 0% criteria during my separation physical after year four. Yet, my decision letter for tinnitus states “[t]he evidence does not show an event, disease, or injury in service.” My MOS alone established the in-service event under FL 10-35.

A link for Training Letter 10-02 (Adjudicating Claims for Hearing Loss and/or Tinnitus) should be added too. It is unclear whether procedures required by TL 10-02 were followed in my claim. I doubt the TL was followed, given that the rater failed to use the established in-service event and incorrectly quoted my VA examiner as stating “[y]our VA examiner opined that it is less likely than not that your tinnitus is due to military noise exposure.”

I’m thankful I met the 0% criteria for my right ear at discharge, otherwise I might not have my hearing aids now. I picked them up 11 days ago and love them. I didn’t realize how much I was missing. An unexpected benefit is that hearing more reduces how often my tinnitus becomes distracting or annoying.

I’m preparing a NOD. It provides validation for my claim but also scares me. My VA examiner cited a 2005 report that concluded delayed onset of hearing loss and tinnitus are unlikely. The general consensus during that time was that if hearing levels returned to their original level within a couple weeks (i.e., temporary threshold shift) no permanent damage occurred. Subsequent research has revealed that is a flawed assumption. Even if hearing levels return, TTSs cause neurological damage that accelerate age related hearing loss. It is being called ‘hidden’ hearing loss in the literature. Currently my hearing is at about the level of someone that is 20 years older than I am. I don’t want to think about what mine will be like in 20 years. I encourage anyone that is even considering hearing aids to get evaluated. My VA audiologist said that satisfaction is about 50/50 for folks that try them with my level of loss. About half wish they’d have done it years ago and the others decide they don’t need them yet. I’m definitely in the half that should have gotten HAs years ago.                

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I couldnt find TL 10-02 here ...let me know if this link does not work for you....

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