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  • 14 Questions about VA Disability Compensation Benefits Claims


    When a Veteran starts considering whether or not to file a VA Disability Claim, there are a lot of questions that he or she tends to ask. Over the last 10 years, the following are the 14 most common basic questions I am asked about ...
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  • Most Common VA Disabilities Claimed for Compensation:   


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  • Can a 100 percent Disabled Veteran Work and Earn an Income?

    employment 2.jpeg

    You’ve just been rated 100% disabled by the Veterans Affairs. After the excitement of finally having the rating you deserve wears off, you start asking questions. One of the first questions that you might ask is this: It’s a legitimate question – rare is the Veteran that finds themselves sitting on the couch eating bon-bons … Continue reading



This is my way of introducimg myself to the Hadit community as a whole.

I only surf forums and give opinions and such to things that relate to me personally and my Battle with the VA

I wanted to get not only all of these tags talked about, but i would hope to be able to at least get all of those abbrvs broken down for the people that come to this site in need

I have noticed a lot of us old hats talk to each other in a comfortable, approachable, yet sometimes maybe even un-understandable to those who aren't in our War with the Rap-i um, mean Rating Officers

Some of the people stopping by here for well deserved and needed help may not even be Vets, but their Spouses, their guardians, and most Unfittingly too often their Widows

I hope to try to build a little list, where if someone came here, they would have, oh, lets say a nice rusty ass old anchor to grip on to, you know, to help them ride out this Hellacious Hurricane of a system we face

Add any word, phrase, Article or Chaptet number of any Law, Rule, Regulation that you would like to help pass on, well, not only the cold logical definition, but tye way it helped you in YOUR Battle.

i want this thread to be open and honest, but please, don't get lost and sidetracked trying to impress the community, if a discussion blooms from seeds planted here, take your conversation to the Mail system, and coax them to sproutlings on your own dime, and come back with your Harvest of Ideas. 

Only we have each other, as i have stood on my own for this last 2ish years, i have wanted something more

Here, there be monsters, hide no truths, hedge no bets, the deaper we are able to cut on here, the finer and more powerful Claims we can make.

Always remember, we should be advancing, and when i steped into Hadit, i started to feel something different on this Battlefield, ever so softly, in the muck, my arm tired from holding back the Tide of VA bullshit...

I felt a small click on my shield, it was YOU! You and I, we began to share the load, gave us both second wind.

And slowly, i realized what T-Bird has done, he has started a Cadence! my Shield-Brothers and ShieldSisters. Every one of you, whose words i read, eased my burden. The VA can only xxxx us as individuals.

Remember, nearly a hundred years ago, when people REALLY figured out how democracy can work for the minority within the majority, Prohibition was passed, and that is because of Soldiers of Ideals.

Our issue is, the VA makes us literally be the David to their Goliath. They demand that we beg for our scraps. Very few Vererans are in the position to demand their Just Compensation because first off, we are broken. Assailed by disabilitys they expect us to fight. Alone!

They punish us horribly with Time, and indifference......they teach us to Hate the individuals in their system,

Whistleblowers ignored except when it boosts Ratings

yet never allowing us Veterans ourselves the ability or TOOLS to help OURSELVES.

i dont want someone coddling me, i can repair my own engine given time and proper tools. No way in Hell am i gonna try to pull impacted lugnuts off with my teeth now am I?

"that some small amount of moneys may be paid to the maimed, the crippled, his widow, his children...."

-Abraham Lincoln

(Maybe not exact words, but its from my xxxxxx up memory so go google for Knowledge)

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same reason as always, spellin
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Abbreviations and acronyms are perfect jargon for databases. Type a whole or partial word or concept in the little search box on Hadit and a return will give us selections of stuff to read o

S.O.S. aka SOS >Added to database for any veteran. S.O.S. (Creamed Beef On Toast) (8 servings)   1 and 1/2 pound ground beef 1/2 cup flour 1/4 teaspoon pepper 1/2 teas

I was raised on SOS.

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Admin, please remove the accidental copy of this Post.

to begin the Post

SC-Service Connected

SSC-secondary to SC(your shattered knee progresses to say, hardcore disfiguring arthritis up through your hip and all the way down to your toes) Even though a "shattered knee" is your Service Connection, this is by a competent doctor given a Nexus to your Hip Arth.

ASC-Agravated BY Service Connected

Sched-Abbreviation of Scheduler, it's not a VA temp agency secretary, it is a percentile based rating of how the VA is by law required to compensate you for damage. But, some of us have a 60 or 70% Scheduler Rating, yet we receive 100% Disability Rate for different reasons

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Abbreviations and acronyms are perfect jargon for databases.

Type a whole or partial word or concept in the little search box

on Hadit and a return will give us selections of stuff to read or learn about.


Hadit has been around for years and is a huge repository

of veteran information and interaction by veterans and for veterans.


'Mandamus' is a legal term and concept I'd never heard before

until recently.


I used Hadit's search box top right and my search word 'Mandamus'

returned 26 pages of results from veterans and by veterans.


I searched for Lasagna in Hadit's search box and got 1 result

from a 2007 conversation entitled 'Vacation' . There was

no recipe for Lasagna though.


CAVC  typed in Hadit's search box returned

139 results.


Hadit has a richly compiled database of terms and descriptors and keyword

hits on probably any word or abbreviation you can think of.


I'm not gonna judge or critique the presentation or size or prominence

of the search box.  All I can say is locate the box at top right and challenge

it to a war of words. :)
















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S.O.S. aka SOS >Added to database for any veteran.

S.O.S. (Creamed Beef On Toast)

(8 servings)  

1 and 1/2 pound ground beef

1/2 cup flour

1/4 teaspoon pepper

1/2 teasppon salt

2 teaspoons beef-flavored instant bouillon (about 2 cubes)

3/4 cups nonfat dry milk and 3 cups warm water

1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce

OPTIONAL: 3 and 1/2 cups whole milk can be used to replace dry milk and water

Brown the beef in its own fat in a skillet. Drain excess fat.

Add flour, pepper, salt and bouillon to beef; mix thoroughly and cook about 5 minutes or until flour is absorbed.

Reconstitute dry milk (mix with water); add to beef mixture. Add Worcestershire sauce; heat to a simmer, stirring frequently until thickened.

Serve over hot toast or biscuits.

Each branch of the U.S. Military has a different version of this recipe. It is affectionately referred to by our dogfaces as "Sh*t On A Shingle". S.O.S. made its debut about 1910. The recipe presented here is a home version of that served by the Army circa World War I.

>Recipe found on  mrbreakfast.com

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SOS and omelettes were the best breakfast in Army.




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    • By Mr cue
      So a buddy of mine has a claim that was just remand by bva for new exams.
      So for a month they offer exam 150 miles away. The va hospital is 15 min away smh.
      So it took them a month to get appoint with the place that does ssi claim exam. 
      I don't like this it seem alot of veteran are get bad exams adding years of appeal time 
      I don't understand the va hospital has ever specialist and has treated most of us all our disabled life.
      To me this seem like a step to getting  rid of the va health system. And to denied more veterans
      I need help. I first applied for benefits in 2016 and was denied in 2017 because the VA could not find my medical records. I was able to locate my medical records and I did a NOD. I filed again for the conditions and sent in my medical records. Fast forward to 2019. I was able to get C&P Exams at the end of 2019 and Jan 2020. My Sleep Apnea exam took about 3 minutes or so...questions were: When did you enter AD? When did you retire? Do you have a CPAP? I had submitted a buddy letter from the EX and my medical records showed weight gain, snoring, ENT problems, etc.I answered the questions and affirmed that I had a CPAP. That was all of the questions I had for Sleep Apnea. I had a few other exams and even a hearing exam. I was asked about my MOS/AFSC and told them the first five years was flight line work at a SAC base. I told them of the ringing in my ears and thought I'd be rate for tinnitus. My hearing exam showed I did not have much hearing loss. Fast forward again. I was asked to submit to additional exams for my feet and hands in Nov 2020. In any manner, I was finally rated at 20% for my feet and zero for my broken fingers. Since I had to file a NOD I elected higher level review by a DRO. My question is can I file a rebuttal for the other items filed? I need this ASP since I just received notice on 1 April 2021. Thank you.
    • By Joe Tex
      I searched the forums but did not see this in the appeals section.
      I have a pending appeal for my right foot for service connection, and I'm in the process of sending a statement to the Board of Appeals.
      My question is can I ask the Appeals Board for a percentage rating prior to winning the appeal for right foot service connection.
      My reasoning is, if I just send the Appeals Board my statement without requesting a percentage and I win the appeal for right foot service
      connection, then I might have to file another appeal if the RO gives me a lower percentage, and wait another 5 years for that appeal.
      I'm unable to find any information on filing an appeal for service connection, and at the same time requesting a percentage.
      Any information would be appreciated.   Thanks
    • By ASU_0331
      So I am getting juggled a bit between VSO since my awesome last one retired so would appreciate the proper route to take.
      I was just rated at at 50% Pes Planus with Plantar Fasciitis under 5276.  This was a supplemental claim for only pes planus that was filed on 02/01/21 with a decision made on 03/12/21.  After speaking with a VSO, who read me the decision letter and raters notes, he said there is no doubt the 50% for pronounced pes planus was justified, but was not sure why they arbitrarily added plantar fasciitis to the decision.  I mentioned to the VSO that effective 02/04/21, a diagnostic code of 5269 - Plantar Fasciitis was added to the schedule of ratings - musculoskeletal system and if it was possible that they combined them under diagnostic code 5676, because that was how it was always done before and the rater did not read or know about the new diagnostic code.  He said that could be the reason.
      Just to note, I was diagnosed at the VA with bilateral pes planus in 2017 and given insoles.  I was again seen by the VA for foot pain and bilateral pes planus was again affirmed in 2018 with a different set of insoles.  This last January I again went in with foot pain where pes planus was again affirmed, had another set of insoles cast, and was diagnosed for the first time with bilateral plantar fasciitis and given steroid injections in each foot.
      Ultimately I am looking to get the plantar fasciitis rated separately from the pes planus under the new diagnostic code of 5269, which due to the severity and being bilateral would be at 30%.  In fact, my VSO had already submitted an intent to file for bilateral plantar fasciitis, arthritis of both great toes, patellar tendinosis of both knees, arthritis of both knees, and ITB syndrome as being secondary to the pes planus once it was service-connected.  The history of my pes planus dates back to my final physical and I have been receiving treatment for it since 2017 in the form of insoles when it was originally diagnosed with the VA.  It was only this last year that I was diagnosed with plantar fasciitis as a result of the pes planus.
      So what route do I take on this supplemental claim?  I feel like a High level Review won't allow me to submit the VA medical records showing that I have been treated unsuccessfully for pes planus since 2017.  Is that something I can bring up in the phone conversation with the reviewer to get the plantar fasciitis rated separately under 5269?  I am not submitting any new evidence so to speak, but literally VA medical records that were already in the system for years.  The other question is, does the new diagnostic rating for plantar fasciitis even apply to me?  I filed on 02/01/21 and the new rating schedule went into effect on 02/04/21.
      I want to fight this decision because I am already rated at 70% with CAD, DMII, and Tinnitus.  Getting the plantar fasciitis rated separately would be the difference between an 86% rating rounding up to 90% and 92% rounding down to 90%.  This does not include the issues secondary to the pes planus like the arthritis and tendinosis that are under my current intent to file.           
    • By th175
      I asked a similar question some time ago but am confused about something still.
      I have a BVA hearing waiting to be scheduled for my lower back claim. My original claim was filed as "lower back condition" and denied as "pre-existing scoliosis."    My doctor has diagnosed me with DDD.   If I want to be rated for DDD and not scoliosis, do I submit a new claim? Or do I submit all evidence to the BVA hearing and tell them I want to be rated for DDD not scoliosis?   Thanks
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    • I already get compensation for bladder cancer for Camp Lejeune Water issue, now that it is added to Agent Orange does it mean that the VA should pay me the difference between Camp Lejeune and 1992 when I retired from the Marine Corps or do I have to re-apply for it for Agent Orange, or will the VA look at at current cases already receiving bladder cancer compensation. I’m considered 100% Disabled Permanently 
      • 10 replies
    • 5,10, 20 Rule
      The 5, 10, 20 year rules...

      Five Year Rule) If you have had the same rating for five or more years, the VA cannot reduce your rating unless your condition has improved on a sustained basis. All the medical evidence, not just the reexamination report, must support the conclusion that your improvement is more than temporary.

      Ten Year Rule) The 10 year rule is after 10 years, the service connection is protected from being dropped.

      Twenty Year Rule) If your disability has been continuously rated at or above a certain rating level for 20 or more years, the VA cannot reduce your rating unless it finds the rating was based on fraud. This is a very high standard and it's unlikely the rating would get reduced.

      If you are 100% for 20 years (Either 100% schedular or 100% TDIU - Total Disability based on Individual Unemployability or IU), you are automatically Permanent & Total (P&T). And, that after 20 years the total disability (100% or IU) is protected from reduction for the remainder of the person's life. "M-21-1-IX.ii.2.1.j. When a P&T Disability Exists"

      At 55, P&T (Permanent & Total) or a few other reasons the VBA will not initiate a review. Here is the graphic below for that. However if the Veteran files a new compensation claim or files for an increase, then it is YOU that initiated to possible review.

      NOTE: Until a percentage is in place for 10 years, the service connection can be removed. After that, the service connection is protected.


      Example for 2020 using the same disability rating

      1998 - Initially Service Connected @ 10%

      RESULT: Service Connection Protected in 2008

      RESULT: 10% Protected from reduction in 2018 (20 years)

      2020 - Service Connection Increased @ 30%

      RESULT: 30% is Protected from reduction in 2040 (20 years)
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    • Post in New BVA Grants
      While the BVA has some discretion here, often they "chop up claims".  For example, BVA will order SERVICE CONNECTION, and leave it up to the VARO the disability percent and effective date.  

      I hate that its that way.  The board should "render a decision", to include service connection, disability percentage AND effective date, so we dont have to appeal "each" of those issues over then next 15 years on a hamster wheel.  
    • Finally heard back that I received my 100% Overall rating and a 100% PTSD rating Following my long appeal process!

      My question is this, given the fact that my appeal was on the advanced docket and is an “Expedited” appeal, what happens now and how long(ish) is the process from here on out with retro and so forth? I’ve read a million things but nothing with an expedited appeal status.

      Anyone deal with this situation before? My jump is from 50 to 100 over the course of 2 years if that helps some. I only am asking because as happy as I am, I would be much happier to pay some of these bills off!
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      • 13 replies
    • I told reviewer that I had a bad C&P, and that all I wanted was a fair shake, and she even said, that was what she was all ready viewed for herself. The first C&P don't even  reflect my Treatment in the VA PTSD clinic. In my new C&P I was only asked about symptoms, seeing shit, rituals, nightmares, paying bills and about childhood, but didn't ask about details of it. Just about twenty question, and  nothing about stressor,
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