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This is my way of introducimg myself to the Hadit community as a whole.

I only surf forums and give opinions and such to things that relate to me personally and my Battle with the VA

I wanted to get not only all of these tags talked about, but i would hope to be able to at least get all of those abbrvs broken down for the people that come to this site in need

I have noticed a lot of us old hats talk to each other in a comfortable, approachable, yet sometimes maybe even un-understandable to those who aren't in our War with the Rap-i um, mean Rating Officers

Some of the people stopping by here for well deserved and needed help may not even be Vets, but their Spouses, their guardians, and most Unfittingly too often their Widows

I hope to try to build a little list, where if someone came here, they would have, oh, lets say a nice rusty ass old anchor to grip on to, you know, to help them ride out this Hellacious Hurricane of a system we face

Add any word, phrase, Article or Chaptet number of any Law, Rule, Regulation that you would like to help pass on, well, not only the cold logical definition, but tye way it helped you in YOUR Battle.

i want this thread to be open and honest, but please, don't get lost and sidetracked trying to impress the community, if a discussion blooms from seeds planted here, take your conversation to the Mail system, and coax them to sproutlings on your own dime, and come back with your Harvest of Ideas. 

Only we have each other, as i have stood on my own for this last 2ish years, i have wanted something more

Here, there be monsters, hide no truths, hedge no bets, the deaper we are able to cut on here, the finer and more powerful Claims we can make.

Always remember, we should be advancing, and when i steped into Hadit, i started to feel something different on this Battlefield, ever so softly, in the muck, my arm tired from holding back the Tide of VA bullshit...

I felt a small click on my shield, it was YOU! You and I, we began to share the load, gave us both second wind.

And slowly, i realized what T-Bird has done, he has started a Cadence! my Shield-Brothers and ShieldSisters. Every one of you, whose words i read, eased my burden. The VA can only xxxx us as individuals.

Remember, nearly a hundred years ago, when people REALLY figured out how democracy can work for the minority within the majority, Prohibition was passed, and that is because of Soldiers of Ideals.

Our issue is, the VA makes us literally be the David to their Goliath. They demand that we beg for our scraps. Very few Vererans are in the position to demand their Just Compensation because first off, we are broken. Assailed by disabilitys they expect us to fight. Alone!

They punish us horribly with Time, and indifference......they teach us to Hate the individuals in their system,

Whistleblowers ignored except when it boosts Ratings

yet never allowing us Veterans ourselves the ability or TOOLS to help OURSELVES.

i dont want someone coddling me, i can repair my own engine given time and proper tools. No way in Hell am i gonna try to pull impacted lugnuts off with my teeth now am I?

"that some small amount of moneys may be paid to the maimed, the crippled, his widow, his children...."

-Abraham Lincoln

(Maybe not exact words, but its from my xxxxxx up memory so go google for Knowledge)

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same reason as always, spellin
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Admin, please remove the accidental copy of this Post.

to begin the Post

SC-Service Connected

SSC-secondary to SC(your shattered knee progresses to say, hardcore disfiguring arthritis up through your hip and all the way down to your toes) Even though a "shattered knee" is your Service Connection, this is by a competent doctor given a Nexus to your Hip Arth.

ASC-Agravated BY Service Connected

Sched-Abbreviation of Scheduler, it's not a VA temp agency secretary, it is a percentile based rating of how the VA is by law required to compensate you for damage. But, some of us have a 60 or 70% Scheduler Rating, yet we receive 100% Disability Rate for different reasons

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Abbreviations and acronyms are perfect jargon for databases.

Type a whole or partial word or concept in the little search box

on Hadit and a return will give us selections of stuff to read or learn about.


Hadit has been around for years and is a huge repository

of veteran information and interaction by veterans and for veterans.


'Mandamus' is a legal term and concept I'd never heard before

until recently.


I used Hadit's search box top right and my search word 'Mandamus'

returned 26 pages of results from veterans and by veterans.


I searched for Lasagna in Hadit's search box and got 1 result

from a 2007 conversation entitled 'Vacation' . There was

no recipe for Lasagna though.


CAVC  typed in Hadit's search box returned

139 results.


Hadit has a richly compiled database of terms and descriptors and keyword

hits on probably any word or abbreviation you can think of.


I'm not gonna judge or critique the presentation or size or prominence

of the search box.  All I can say is locate the box at top right and challenge

it to a war of words. :)
















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S.O.S. aka SOS >Added to database for any veteran.

S.O.S. (Creamed Beef On Toast)

(8 servings)  

1 and 1/2 pound ground beef

1/2 cup flour

1/4 teaspoon pepper

1/2 teasppon salt

2 teaspoons beef-flavored instant bouillon (about 2 cubes)

3/4 cups nonfat dry milk and 3 cups warm water

1 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce

OPTIONAL: 3 and 1/2 cups whole milk can be used to replace dry milk and water

Brown the beef in its own fat in a skillet. Drain excess fat.

Add flour, pepper, salt and bouillon to beef; mix thoroughly and cook about 5 minutes or until flour is absorbed.

Reconstitute dry milk (mix with water); add to beef mixture. Add Worcestershire sauce; heat to a simmer, stirring frequently until thickened.

Serve over hot toast or biscuits.

Each branch of the U.S. Military has a different version of this recipe. It is affectionately referred to by our dogfaces as "Sh*t On A Shingle". S.O.S. made its debut about 1910. The recipe presented here is a home version of that served by the Army circa World War I.

>Recipe found on  mrbreakfast.com

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  • HadIt.com Elder

I was raised on SOS.:smile:

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