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SSA quickly Over

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Just a heads up if you are P and T and your claim wasnt expedited do like I did and notify your senator or congressman’s office. They will put in an inquiry which then my was hearing was scheduled two weeks later. I didn’t mind the 4 month wait for the hearing I’m glad I got it scheduled quick and not 18-24 Months later. If you don’t know one in your state do what I did google your state or your county I. Your state congressman email/ phone number call his office say your a disabled vet who needs help with his hearing..

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My Congressional inquiry - sped my NOD/IU claim to total time of 370 days from start to finish. Blessed & Thankful - I had "made" my case well with documentation, just needed someone to push it along. 

My SSDI was approved in 2 months, without any assistance - but I scoured the regs before I applied to set up my profile for my exam. 

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That's Great L, im glad it worked out for you, hope the holidays can be holidays - stress because waiting for the unknown can be stressful. About your Congressional Inquiry.. from what i have know and experienced is that Congressional Inquiry is like big brother knocking on the bathroom door asking " are you done yet" and that the recipient has to answer. In your case, i think they kicked down the door and said when i move you move.. again.. glad it worked out for you and that you got Justice.

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I didn’t even know what SSDI was until this year then filed in January. My Va claim was in the works that was finalized in May backdated last November for my P and T, rated at 100 % scheduler in May. Then after I was granted The Va stuff I searched on google and hadit on how to speed up my SSA claim so I got through my first two denials rather quickly. Then comes round three the hearing which I had an inquiry in July put in to schedule my hearing two weeks later it was scheduled a week before Christmas ironic. He reviewed my record and asked me about my past 9 jobs in the past 6 years and why they all fired me. He said This is your bench decision full approval for everything you’ll get the written in a week. I’m sure that won’t be the case since a week is Christmas but fingers crossed for soon. When the written does come I can’t find anything about bench decisions and how soon after do benefits start? I’m not worried about the retro it’s only 7 Months total after the 6 are minuses of the 13 Months if that sounds correct.... not gunna lie I feel like I’m on those final 2 months of paid vacation in the Military

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