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VA Roseburg Refusing Care

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I have been a VA patient for years and am 100% sc for PTSD. After a three year investigation of VA treatment of me by the press, the press printed two back to back stories two years ago detailing deception, intimidation, and malfeasance. The VA Roseburg immediately terminated all mental health care. The VA then terminated all PCP care. I have demanded via paperwork to see a patient advocate for two years with no response. The government opened self scheduling up so I scheduled myself. Days later in my record appears a Choice Program referral for 180 days,  but VA Roseburg refuses s to assign an PCP, mental health provider, or PACT team at all which makes a Choice referral worth toilet paper.

I called the Choice program and they said this simply will not work even if I did want to use it. Without a VA assigned team nothing  will be paid for because in a way Choice is like a prescription for care and must be authorized at some point by a VA provider. I called VA hotline in D.C. Three days later after I called D.C. for help the Roseburg crew changed my "Choice" authorization and made a cheap shot. Copy and paste from my record book. Three days earlier no mention whatsoever was made of misconduct and in fact I have not stepped foot on VA property since the article and since they terminated care:

"Type of Service/Procedure:   Evaluation and Treatment    Chief Complaint: Veteran is not comfortable with VA care. He has fired  multiple  providers and has harassed providers to the point they refuse to see him.  He is verbally aggressive and sexually inappropiate. He brings reporters  to his appointments. We have been unable to come to an understanding with  the Veteran.

Number of Visits, Frequency, and Duration:  This authorization covers services associated with Mental Health  Consult for the above named patient for 180 days and 27 visits. Authorization for care is set forth as follows:  Authorized for Mental Health evaluation and treatment to include  an average of three verbal supportive individual and/or group  therapies per month for 180 days for total of 26 visits. Veteran  may be able to return to VAMC as determined by availability of  services."

The clinic a mile away from my home is brand new and the reason the first authorization (which made no mention of sexual or verbal misconduct) was issued was that VA now allows a vet to schedule online which worked great and found me an appointment in just weeks. They cancelled the appointment made and put in a referral for Choice instead which I then called VA hotline about resulting in the new authorization accusing me of shit. In the cancelled section of the appointment I made they put, "This appintment was cancelled because you telephoned the clinic and asked for cancellation." Lies on top of lies on top of lies.

I live 1.25 miles from the brand new VA facility in Eugene and less than a mile from a second mental health facility. I am an ordained minister. I fired nobody - the newspaper reported massive malpractice and additionally I stumbled upon and reported the drug distribution scheme Roseburg was engaged in on the street corner of 8th and Pearl in Eugene. The VA police investigate I got the report by FOIA. They got multiple confessions to multiple stashes of drugs being stored and dispensed as well as multiple CSA violations. Additionally the Circuit Court of Oregon, Judge Cynthia Carlson, issued a Restraining Order against VA to cease "molesting" my healthcare. I have also filed multiple Privacy Act violations one of which necessitated "technical support has been given to Roseburg to achieve compliance." These actions have now resulted in termination of all VA PCP and mental health care and a Choice authorization that is worthless.

I reported them to VA hotline and of course then two days later instead of the authorization reading diagnostic codes for the problem to be treated (PTSD) they changed it to the quotes above to cheap shot this minister.  My friend is a reporter and goes to all my VA and non VA helathcare meetings except groups of course. As a minister of my church I too am a reporter for my church paper. I have been accompanied on EVERY visit by my friend on fear of further false allegations and the reporter has never witnessed such things by me. No previous mention in my record book either as I am always described as soft spoken and compliant.

To date not one VA employee has forbidden my friend the reporter from entering with me except once: when Chief Paperman of VA police Roseburg interogated me over the drug allegations I made he insisted that the reporter not attend the interrogation. In that interrogation I handed him the pills dispensed of the wrong dosage, outdated, and still in the envelope. When VA claimed I threatened somebody the police also generated a report: Disposition: It has been verified by VA police that no outstanding threat has been made against VA personel or property by patient (Dennis). Closed." My own previous VA mental health provider placed into my record, "... this patient has never threatened anyone that I know of..." in response to her bosses claims. 

After I turned them in for dispensing drugs (they were even passing out prescription nicotine patches on the corner) at first VA mental health staff claimed that I had taken my own meds and placed them into the envelope and attempted the felony crime of presenting false evidence in order to try to frame them. My own suicide prevention counsellor tried to toss me under the bus. In fact Chief Paperman warned me that if I was making up evidence I would be imprisoned and went on to say if the charges were true the perps were looking at huge fines and jail time. Fortunately my defense against mental health folks claiming I set them up was that the envelope contained pills not of my dosage, PLUS they fingerprinted the envelope and had the handwrtiing analylized and all fingerprints except mine were VA mental health folks as was the writting.They got the written confession from two mental helath folks - then I got booted lolz. In that report the police end it by entering the line, "By order of the Chief of Staff the evidence siezed has been destroyed." No matter I guess because it was documented but destroying evidence before any trial??? And just a week after the bust?

What they DiD NOT do was place another bogus Cat One flag into my record which after 23 interviews with me by the press was also revealled and printed about and was placed upon me these years back now immediately and for their own stated reasons of "...you notified the CBOC that a Restraining Order had been issued." as a causitive reason to place the Cat One flag. The newspaper story uncovered all this and forced removal of the bogus flag. Now two years later they still refuse PACT assignment. Look carefully - they say "...he may be able to return to VAMC for care..." Even if these cheap shot charges could be fully validated there is no law in the land allowing VA to abandon a patient and refuse medical service - NOT EVEN a PRF can do that legally although in practice it really does. I have severe chronic PTSD and am down from 16 pills a day to control symptoms to zero pills per day. They even cancelled my nitro glycerin for my heart. There is no shortage of clinical staff at the new VA clinic one mile away  and they even boast of same day walk in service!  They justify Choice by refusing care permanently for me which of course technically means I cannot get care in thirty days and this was the ONLY criteria satisifed for authorizing the referal. Complete curruption because they manufactured a circumstance to fit a criteria. It is pure fraud.

Repeated IRIS contacts for PCP or MH care have been responded to with this line by VA Roseburg: "All episodes of care are being provided through Choice for this veteran". The Choice program supervisor said that it is impossible to do this legally. There is no law in the land that my close friend the reporter who also has a medical power of attorney, and a limited power of attorney during care, that can exclude me from care because they do not like being told on in the press a nd they do not like the occupation of my designated healthcare companion.

VA Roseburg on the heals of the damning letter to the New York Times alleging them tossing high risk patients to get their numbers up has tossed me too and now cheap shots me with allegations three days after I call the hotline??? VA hotline says this is illegal. Choice Program says this is illegal. OIG called back for info and are launching an investigation of willful patient abondonment. They seem to be hoping my heart wont take it I guess but my God what power on Earth does Roseburg wield to cast such harm across patients like me and the doctors who wrote the NYT also alleging rampant intimidation? I have lost all VA care and now as a patient must battle again to get the medications that are life saving. The doctors say they are now fighting for their licenses after false allegations too.

How can America let VA do this to their patients and doctors at Roseburg so freely? My own Congressman, Defazio, said on the congress floor last October (youtube video) that, "Roseburg VA leadership is completely dysfunctional", because I aint the only one they are hurting like this. The Chief of Staff, a pediatrician from India is married to the Chief of Surgery (also from India) and their Chief medical officer is a dentist from Kenya. THe Chief of surgery has been reported three times for substandard  medicine and each time they fire the doctors reporting him with similar allegations as they  placed on me which can be career ending for a doctor.

Mr. President, you said you would fix this if you had to do it yourself. Sir, I sure haven't heard you travelling to Roseburg recently. Are you going to let American vets down at Roseburg? Should we ship in leadership from yet another country and see if they will obey American law, or just hang onto the pediatrician from India, her husband from India and the dentist from Kenya for our senior leadership and let them dispense their own version of America?

Yours truly and may God Bless,

Rev. Dennis

Semper Fi



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Well, this is a mess, obviously.  The white house has a hotline for Vets.  I suggest you use it pronto.  


However, make sure when you call, that you "dont give a reason" for your dismissal from VA care.  Dont threaten, dont yell, dont swear.   Be calm and yet firm.  Remember, VA management has a right/duty to protect employees from Vets who are violent or abusive.  You may have scared someone..and it may not have been your fault, either.  I tend to talk loud, because of my hearing loss, so people think I am yelling at them, for example.  

Use the 5 P's.  Proper Preperation Prevents Poor Performance.  So know what you are going to say.    Shorten up your paragraph, above.  

Keep your conversation limited:  That is, tell them VA terminated your care and Choice wont work either, and that you need medications or there will be trouble!!    Tell them WHAT YOU NEED.   (ASK and ye shall receive).  For example if you want VA care reinstated, so state.  Dont rattle on about bad VA employees or bad va management.  You can tell them, if asked, how it happened, but resist the temptation to use the White House Hotline or The director of the VAMC as your suicide counselor, but its okay to tell them you need a suicide counselor PRONTO, if that is the case.  

Always be humble and Kind.  You are more likely to get what you want/need, rather than threatening or abusive.  

Im not accusing you, its just that somehow, you apparently got "blackballed", which has happened to other Vets SOMETIMES when its not your fault.  

You have likely angered VAMC management by accusing them of malfeansce.  Be forgiving..like our savior.  Accept resposniblilty for the parts of this "you own", and I do see maybe a portion of this as your own doing, but, of course, I wasnt there so I  dont know. 

You can explain you were mentally disorentated when you made some statements, its okay to admit your faults in this.  

Ask the president to reinstate your care, and explain that you are desperate and have/need of a suicidal counselor immediately.  Call the veterans suicide hotline, if necessary.

https://www.veteranscrisisline.net/  or 1800 273 8255 then press 1.  

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Try to understand from "their" point of view.  If you were the VAMC director, and someone made accusations against you, and, say, you knew nothing about them, then you may be mad, too.  

It sounds like there is a bad apple somewhere, but it probably isnt your job to find the rotten apple.  You are probably not a detective or investigator, so let those who are do their job.  


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I concur with @broncovet


Founder HadIt.com Veteran To Veteran LLC - Founded Jan 20, 1997


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I am writing my memoirs and would love it if you could help a shipmate out and look at it.

I've had a few challenges, perhaps the same as you. I relate them here to demonstrate that we can learn, overcome, and find purpose in life.

The stories can be harrowing to read; they were challenging to live. Remember that each story taught me something I would need once I found my purpose, and my purpose was and is HadIt.com Veterans.

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28 minutes ago, broncovet said:

Try to understand from "their" point of view.  If you were the VAMC director, and someone made accusations against you, and, say, you knew nothing about them, then you may be mad, too.  

It sounds like there is a bad apple somewhere, but it probably isnt your job to find the rotten apple.  You are probably not a detective or investigator, so let those who are do their job.  


I took an oath to uphold and defend our Constittuion from enemies boh foreign and domestic. This is not a case of a bad apple my friend. This is a case of malfeasance across an organization that has the effect of killing veterans. I need no credentials or job designation other than "American" to call these guys out. If Roseburgs actions did no harm to veterans I would have no interest in pursuing and identifying corruption there. To look away or make side deals dispensing with my rights is to me pisssing on those who sacrificed all to secure those rights. What VA Roseburg is removing care for is because I excersized my rights to file complaints with whatever agency was involved. Normally when an agency dispenses with the rights of The People the harm done can take years to notice and impacts us in ways that limit our freedoms.

When VA Roseburg dispenses with the rights of American veterans it can and does kill. The reason they toss out the accusations they do is to elicite responses like yours. However I suggest that those who have died at the hands of VA malfeasance have a right to hold me responsible as the man who took the oath to do my part as my heart moves me to make things right. This is what I own.

I will not own the festering corruption as though it is part of my character defects.

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If your differences with VA Rosenberg management are "irreconcilable" then consider another VAMC.  VA will likely give you "travel pay" to the other VAMC in the circumstances.  

I have an "indirect" family member who wont use the local VAMC, but commutes instead about an hour and a half away.  I am almost certain he gets paid travel pay for about 150 miles, round trip, with each appointment.  He is also a PTSD Vet who could not get along with my local VAMC management.  

It works out well for him.  I think its about 41.5 cents a mile, but with an 18 dollar monthly deductable.  

So he gets over 50 dollars each trip to his appointment, and his gas is less than half of that.  

I dont know if that will work for you or not.  You may even be able to take public transportation, and I dont know if that affects your travel pay or not.  Probably not.  You also may get the DAV/VFW vans to transport you, if that works better for you.  But I dont think you get travel pay if you use the DAV van.  I think the DAV gets that travel pay, then.  

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