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VA new Dr’s stop my pain meds for no reason! Now won’t give me any at all??

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I was medically discharged, have pinched nerves in back and severe sciatica all the time an upper shoulder pain/neck pain!

Ive been fine for last 15 years with pain meds an other meds at VA.  But got a new Primary doctor after my other one left.  He stopped my narcotics meds which help me get out an do a few things an be able to sleep with the constant nerve pain an muscle pain.

I said fine, did the go to therapy again, an try acupuncture stuff but no relief.  I had done it before but doc is new so did the stuff to show him I willing to do try other  things.  Went to New Pain Management Dr as Primary can’t subscribe narcotics apparently anymore.  

Pain Dr. gives me muscle relaxers for nerve pain?  I’m like that is not going to work.  So I went through three different muscle relaxers with no relief in pain.  I Said now can I go back to what worked, narcotic meds, he says no.  I don’t give Narcotics for your pain type with nerves.  You’ll have to live with it or take muscle relaxers that’s all I’m giving!

Talked to primary doc, he said same thing!

My original meds were prescribed by previous pain management consult 3 years ago an through out my 15 years coming to this VA.

Why the hell can I not get the right medication to help with pain.  Low dose narcotics work great for the pain as they always have.  Now, they won’t even entertain prescribing them?

Do I have an way to complain about this.  What are my options?  A person should not have to suffer in life with chronic pain!

Do I have to go to an outside doctor an pay out of my pocket to get pain relief now?

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17 minutes ago, EODCMC said:

Sounds like they are throwing out the baby with the bath water, with their growing concerns of opiate addiction.  Good luck; I wish you well.

Pretty much.  It’s happenimg to a couple others at my VA that I know.  One dude got pins an shit in his back an crushed vertebra!  An he is no longer being given narcotic.  All the muscle relaxers he wants but no narcotics!

This is bullshit.  How can you be a doctor an with hold a working treatment from those who need an follow the rules an pain management guidance then take away the treatment that was working?


Yet, my buddies who got to retire from service with Tricare, no issues at getting the needed narcotic medication for Treatment!

Surely this can’t be acceptable treatment. Need to look into how to file a complaint on this to my Senators/Congressman.  Or someone who can do something.

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I would go up the chain of command in the hospital...the squeaky wheel gets the grease. I hope they give folks something to ease the symptoms of withdrawal. Even mild daily doses can be awful going cold turkey.

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  • Content Curator/HadIt.com Elder

Had same situation happen to me and been dealing with it for about five years and escalating. Congressman was able to help and I got approval for treatment from a non-VA doc. No opiates, but they did refer me to a non-VA doc to get an epidural pain block in my spine. No guarantee on whether these shots will work, but better than nothing.

Have they tried giving you meds like gabapentin or Lyrica? The latter is helping me a little bit, but I just recently started it. The idea is to help quiet nerve activity, but they are not initial types treatment.


"If it's stupid but works, then it isn't stupid."
- From Murphy's Laws of Combat

Disclaimer: I am not a legal expert, so use at own risk and/or consult a qualified professional representative. Please refer to existing VA laws, regulations, and policies for the most up to date information.


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  • HadIt.com Elder

Since the law change the #2 narcotics the VA has been cracking down on the pain meds.


I did what Ms Carlie said to do before she passed  just let your PCP know you have learned how to adjust the pain meds  with another nsaid and not take a pain med if the others meds can control your pain gabapentin and lyrica as Vync mention .

I take my pain meds only if needed  and take an 800 Ibuprofen  before taking the pain meds, I only take the pain meds if needed  so th PCP Will know your managing your medications the right way .

   Never gripe at your PCP bout your pain meds  or beg them for them  thats the wrong singal your sending to your PCP,,, They like to hear how your managing your pain meds and are more likely to refill your pain meds.

or something close to this  but the point is you need to let your PCP know your managing your pain meds with nsaids or the muscle relaxers and have actually cut down on the pain meds, but the pain meds are still a big pain relief &  without them your pain gets out of whack  per say.

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I am not an Attorney or VSO, any advice I provide is not to be construed as legal advice, therefore not to be held out for liable BUCK!!!

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