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ED due to MST

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Recently I was DX and granted SCD for PTSD due to personal trauma (MST). I have also noticed a dramatic reduction in performance capabilities as well. I have not mentioned this to any of my doctors, VA or private. It's been hard enough to admit to the MST, without having to add the ED to it. But I've reached a point where I can no longer ignore it.  I'm only 44 years old and have far too much life left to live to continue ignoring the ED. I'd like to hear any suggestions or guidance as to the best way to file a claim for this as secondary to my SCD PTSD. Any and all suggestions from all parties are welcome. Also, should I start with making an appointment with my PCP?  Thank you to all who read and respond to this delicate and humbling matter.

Semper Fi


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Ask your pcp for a  referral to urology clinic  this is who you need to mention this too , your PCP will likely prescribe you the Blue Pill. if she does check your progress notes off myhealthevet to see if she Dx the E.D.  you will Need a Dx for E.D. to file a claim

You need to ask your urologist  if any of the PTSD Medications can cause or be related to your now E.D. (YES THEY CAN) ask him to mention what medications that would be?..don't mention claim , just be concerned about your E.D. 

You  can go on and ask the urologist if its likely as not that the PTSD Medications is the cause or related to your Now E.D....You will need this nexus  and a  good lay statment from your spouse  for her to mention that she has notice you can't perform like you use to before taking the PTSD Meds.  ect,,,ect,,and this has put a ''strain '' on your relationship/marriage.

You can file the claim a secondary to your PTSD Meds


I am not an Attorney or VSO, any advice I provide is not to be construed as legal advice, therefore not to be held out for liable BUCK!!!

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Correct, Buck.  You need the big 3 of current diagnosis, in service event, and nexus.  In the event of a secondary condition you need only 2:  Current diagnosis, and nexus between current diagnosis and a SC condition.  You dont need to repeat the "in service event" as that was already established with the Primary service connection (PTSD).  

Thus, you are going to need a diagnosis of ED, and a doctor to state this is at least as likely as not due to PTSD (or maybe the medications you take for PTSD as many of these have "sexual" side effects).  In fact, almost all antidepressants, except Wellbutrin, have sexual side effects.  If you research your medications, the manufacture of the meds will likely list as a side effect, "ED", or, more generally, "sexual side effects".  

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@Buck52 thank you for that info. I will call and get that ball rolling. I only noticed the change in performance after recovering the memories of my MST. I think it's more psychological than physical. And haven't had relations with wife in 18 months or longer now. Kind of a moot point as we're no longer together. But our physical intimacy was always weak at best. She won't lift a finger to help anyway. As for meds...not on any for ptsd from VA. I am prescribed something from private dr, but that's only been 4 months now. The loss of function predates that by a wide margin.

AS always Buck, I appreciate and value your thoughts and opinions.

Semper Fi

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I think 4 separate incidences of MST would certainly be a candidate for cause of my ED.

Thanks for your input, Broncovet, always informative and supportive.

Semper Fi.

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