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BVA Denial have 120 for CAVC

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Shrek, I wanted to let you know that the second set of attached documents did not post correctly.

As far as the skin condition, they rated it under analogy, I am curious if you were looking for a higher rating or if this is ok with you?  I am rated for residuals of heat stroke under PTSD.  Not really what I was looking for but it allows me a 70% rating so I am good with that.  If they rated you for Dercum's disease would it be a higher rating and include the pain?  If so I would purse it and request the Board review the decision.  The last time I did this it only took three months since my case was already in the que.

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Ok so check again I think I fixed it

So what I am trying to do here is to rate the Dercum's disease as it's own disease as it causes its' own issues.

The scaring is secondary to this condition as it has its' own issues with it.  

From what I can understand of the of the remand the Judge did tell them to remand based on the Basic Rating System for the skin and to leave the scaring alone.  Am I reading this correctly?

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I got you now shrek.  I agree that the two conditions should be rated as separate under the decision by the BVA.  This is going to take some research but do not send in the form stating you are happy with the decision to the BVA.  They are trying to end around you on this form.  I need to do some research and I will get back to you.

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