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Correcting the Record

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A couple of times I have stated that VA doctors are not required to have a medical license to practice medicine at a VA Medical Facility ,  I was wrong.  Initially I though this was correct because a VA doctor told me he could not write me a prescription for use outside the VA because he did not have a medical license,  he was from Texas, and we were in Texas.  I recently leaned from a Doctor I see once a week at Fort Hood,  that all VA Doctors  at the VA are are required to be licensed,  that many are licensed in the state of Arizona, because they charge the lowest rates for a medical license, but he said VA doctors are licensed from all over the United States. He said a medical license was easy to acquire as long as you could show  Graduation from medical school,  ANY medical school.   He went on to explain, that the VA will hire anyone with a medical license as long as it was issued in the United States. He said the VA and more specifically the US Government does not require doctors to have  a license to practice in the state that they are hired to work as long as they do have a license. He said veterans need to be more concerned about were the doctor attended medical school, explaining that India,  and Burma are the two of the worst countries to attend medical school.  So as it was, I was incorrect to state that they va doesn't require a medical license, they do . Sorry for putting out bad information,

My Doctor ( well one of my doctors )  is a clinical pharmacist,  we have become good friends since I was put on blood thinners last February due to PE's.     He told me he did work for the VA at one time, but that he saw so much incompetence he wanted no part of the VA.

So again setting the record straight .. VA does require all doctors to have a  US State issued medical licence .. but just because they work in Texas doesn't mean their license is from Texas, it could be from any state..... 

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  • HadIt.com Elder

You can google the Dr name and the VAMC he/she works at  and they give the information on the Dr  what school  he/she went to what their credentials are   ect,,,,ect,,,,,

I google my VA PCP and she graduating from Illinois State University

in Internal Medicine.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

Thanks Buck. That's a great tip. If you put the correct info in, it does give you background stuff. I just did it for my PCP at the CBOC and it was in there.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

Yeah Google Search engines are fairly good..

  but Illinois is known  more of a teacher type school but I guess  she got the general classes out the way, she did her Residency at the VAMC in North Carolina   fairly new Dr 2014  Since she been at my VAMC

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