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The Vet Comp & Pen LLC Company effective or not?

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Has anyone used the Vet Comp & Pen company? I've heard about them, but never talked with anyone that used them?


Are they legit?

More importantly are they effective?

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They are legit but seem to only want to go after the low hanging fruit (hearing, lower extremity issues if you have service connection for something lower body already). 

TL:DR; they may be able to help, but the amount of work they did for me was minimal. If you are too lost/busy/lazy to put together the claim yourself, go ahead and give them a shot. They WILL get a pretty good amount of the increase from you though (5 times the monthly increase which can be paid over 10 months or in a lump sum). 

I didn't know where to start and heard about them, reached out and about 2 months later they sent me a packet to send to the VA. The paperwork they sent was pretty standard and honestly wouldnt have taken me much time to put together myself (list MOS, explain experience in Iraq and around heavy weapons and machinery, etc). I also have some pretty good hip issues due to a limp that I was seeing PT for that was simply listed on the claim form (right hip condition) and sent along. 

They provide a phone call before the exams and basically reiterate the same thing that the pamphlet in my C&P exam scheduling letter stated, be honest about your condition, don't tough up, move to the limit of pain (dont push past it). Basic advice that is seen all over this board.  

I put together a second claim on my own and spent about a week seriously reading and getting my ducks in a row (I wont know how it all turns out for another couple months probably). I could have done the first claim in a matter of weeks starting from scratch without going through them. 

I bought "The Veteran's Survival Guide" from Amazon and it does kinda make a bit of sense on how to get started if you arent one to read multiple posts to get the idea for free. (I probably could have done without the book but I tend to over prep sometimes...

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I used them this year and to say I am unimpressed, would be near on a compliment.

The company is highly disorganised.  One can speak with a particular representative from VC&P, ring again and there seems to be no record of the previous conversation.  Emails arrive constantly that make near on no sense.  My contact with VC&P began in February.  Everything was completed by them for the C&P exams be the end of the month or beginning of March.  The last C&P was done in July.  I received an email from a 'battlebuddy' (ridiculous term they should not be using) shortly thereafter asking me if I had submitted my intent to file (a claim) with the VA!  Again, this is after the Decision Rating was done.

My journey with VC&P began as I was seeking assistance with a CUE claim and was told by a friend they could assist.  They ignored the CUE matter and went after mental health, tinnitus and hearing loss.  I sent them several emails on my CUE background and history that went completely ignored and I ended filing on my own.  Aye, low hanging fruit.

Contacting VC&P will cause massive frustration.  They treat the caller poorly on the phone.  I prefer to hear, 'Hi, this is Dave, how can I help you'?  What one ends with when ringing VC&P is the assumption that they know the issue you are ringing about and that you are a complete idiot.  'How can I assist or help you today' is not a phrase used in the VC&P employee manual. 

The fees they charge is the difference in one's newly awarded disability percentage, times three.  Meaning:  One is presently at 30% disability, which is $441 per month.  With their assistance, one is now at 40%, which is $635.  This is a monthly increase of $194 per month, (x3) is $582 - the amount owed to VC&P.  A contract between the veteran and VC&P is done electronically and is binding. 

The cost had they assisted on a CUE?  No idea.  We never got there as I sent them an email stopping them from assisting.  I had submitted my CUE claim in May, without their assistance, and they wanted to assist in that matter after I submitted it to the VA.  For near on 12 weeks (Feb - May), VC&P failed to respond to inquiries about the CUE and finally did so when they felt the need.

In hindsight, I appreciate their assistance on the mental health, tinnitus and hearing loss.  Again, not the reason I contacted them, but it did increase my disability rating.  Had there been only a few slight bumps in the road I would recommend them.  Their lack of professionalism, poor customer service, arrogance, and disorganistion are the reasons I would never recommend this company. 


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Like the above posters said, do your own leg work.  I too bought the "The Veteran's Survival Guide" off Amazon and 2 years later, 100% P&T with SMC-S.  I sought out doctors that perform IME's, Nexus letters, and DBQ's.  If your going to spend money proving your claims, you can do it yourself.  I've even gone out of state to see a provider who performed an in person medical exam of me and my records.  That is key.  I'm sure Vet Comp and Pen will do a generic DBQ signed off by some MD who never sees you.  The VA may (rightfully so) give these types of evidence very little weight.  BTW, the guy I talked to there, sounded like a schmuck.

If your service records or treatment don't back up what you are claiming then it will be tough.

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When you go for a VA C&P you never know how it will turn out.  I used doctors who were willing to write IME's.  If you get a good doctor who knows how to do an IME for the VA it can be fantastic.  If they don't get the picture it can really hurt you.  The doctor needs to keep to the script.  He can't use in-exact statements about your condition and DX.  If you are so disabled by symptoms he/she needs to say so in definite terms.  No "Possible This" or "Possible That".  He can't say "It seems the vet may be depressed due to his service in Iraq".   He has to say "The vet suffers severe depression due to his service in Iraq where he witnessed much death and destruction"....for example.  You get the idea.

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