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TBI and headaches/vertigo/tinnitus

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I asked for a copy of my C-file, and after a lengthy months long wait, I got it on DVD.  I began checking the docs they have to the copies of the things that I'd sent. Of course there are missing documents.

One of the documents they had, though, knocked my socks off.  It's the report after my fall that snapped my neck at the C2 vertebrae. There's the time I was found and taken to the ER. And the time that I started the event before the fall that broke the neck. There's roughly an hour there, and when I do the math, it looks like I was knocked out for about 30 minutes or more.  The C2 vertebrae is still broken and causes a number of issues: massive constant headaches, episodes of vertigo (some are horrific), odd tinnitus that's "in the middle" and actually can change in pitch/tone/type of sound if I cock my head a certain way, limited touch feeling in the back of my head/neck/left shoulder blade, reduced sweating and much increased urination, gastro issues with constipation.

The fall happened 35 years ago. Getting the VA to diagnose, let alone rate, a TBI may be impossible. I've been reluctant to try it due to fears that the other issues will be rated under TBI and really pulled down rather than each issue rated separately. For instance, headaches/vertigo/tinnitus could all be TBI residuals at 40%. Or they could be separate items at 50%/30%/10%.  (Yeah, they're THAT bad. Makes working challenging at best.)

After finding the after accident report in my C-file, I had an MRI SPECT scan done. It showed an area of my left temporal lobe that was (in my doctor's words) "suggestive of a TBI".  The neurological testing also found issues with some Executive functioning, but not memory. I blew the doors off memory (I had an eidetic memory until I was roughly 47 and put for the first time on antipsychotics for flashback hallucinations.) I have a high normal memory now, but I miss my ability to remember large chunks of text/numbers for years at a time.

Is TBI one of those medical problems that the VA evaluator has to rate first? Or is it something that any private doctor could do?

For headaches/tinnitus/vertigo/etc., will they be rated separately and stacked together, or rated together and brought down to 40%?

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C-files are not in order. But you found the needle in the hay stack. What page was it on in the c-file? Open source software is free and Libra office you can make a spreadsheet of your cfile

Page 1-3 states this is your cfile

Page 57-61 are labs, normal

Page ??? accident report aka needle in the hay stack

No, you have to do a lot of things before claiming TBI. I'm half way through the process. Go have a EEG test done and the VA can do your EEG. Do you work now, have private insurance? If so Get a private neurologist. Created separate heavy duty file folders for all of these reports and scans on dvd to put in a fedex/usps express box. 

Then find a private neuropsychologist and set up appointment to do the "5 hour test," they are not cheap as mine was two grand and bring the fedex/usps box so that he can review your records. I lawyered up with GloverLuck because I hadit with the VA and was more concern about moving on than dealing with the VA circus.

Jfrei should comment too, when he sees this.


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Just a FYI,


I just had my TBI Eval done by a private contractor ( THE VA and or RO in my area) has been aggressive with scheduling with contractor companies that appears to me to be big time because i've been to 4 in a month and it's always tailored to Veterans and is always packed with us. I will let you know how my upcoming contractor eval's go however so far it  these exams are similar to a private Doctor and the atmosphere is so different(not like a VA hospital setting). My last appointment with 2 contractors went swell btw.

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They will and should be evaluated separately after years of fighting don’t let them xxxx you like they did me initially. I’m rated 100 for tbi residuals 50 for headaches 30 for dizziness lightheadedness..... sorry but at your exam your tbi make sure he differentiated the issues otherwise they will be lumped and a fat 0 for your headaches like I had then magically poof 8 years later 50% the highest for headaches sorry I failed to read this prior but get your Exam report send details if they lump it which they will try unless they say your SMC S which is a possibility so get your exam post it i can tell you what i think will happen, VA can get complicated...

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