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I'm getting a lot of bad signs about my voc rehab counselor.

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I have been having a hard time simply getting email from my voc rehab counselor. After reminding the counselor multiple times I got the email for orientation and exploration phase. When I got the email the attached documents had errors. On the functional test document for my doctor the numbers were wrong(order went 1,2,3,5,4) and my gender was wrong. On another document a page was blank when it was supposed to have text on it.


Then when I called the counselor for my first appointment the counselor says "Did we have an appointment today? Let me see if I have nothing else going on right now to see if we can talk." That was one of the most unprofessional responses I've ever witnessed from someone I had an appointment with. The counselors comes off as being cocky, yet incompetent and that's a bad mix. This counselor is trying to push me into education I know will make my disability worse or possibly cause me trouble at my C&P exam if I try it out.

Berta said her husband was sent a letter of reduction for simply trying to take a semester of college. Then they tried to get him a job inside the VA and it went bad. It appears this counselor is trying to make me go through the same things. If anything good comes out of this I think it'll be that I got some more medical proof for my disabilities through these functioning test. 

All of this leads me to believe that I'm wasting my time with this counselor. If I did try and go to college I can only imagine how bad this counselor would mess up the paperwork. The counselor already messed up the easy paperwork that was sent to me, so why should I think this counselor could handle college enrollment paperwork and financial paperwork? I'm sure I would be having to pay a lot of money out of my own pocket due to this counselor's errors. Should I ask for a new counselor or is this just the norm?

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Well maybe this counselor is sick? maybe not with coronavirus but maybe  with the flu or something?

If this is your first time at Voc-Rehab   give it a chance  with all this covid -19 restrictions going on maybe that counselor was in a bad mood. 

still no excuse to be rude or a smart ass.

 you need to go meet with him in person, they usually ask you a lot of questions and test you to see what they may can help you with  depending on your disability and the ability to learn something new  and find out what they can help you with/

...even if they place you in school  unless you have reason you can't attend a class?  if its your s.c. disability  then let them know..they are there to help you find something you can do.

   being disabled  some times they can't   and in that case the counslor normally would dismss you from Voc Rehab and a letter stating why   and should deem you disabled and its not feaisable to retrain you at this time due to your service connected disability....that letter is gold to apply for the TDIU .

So give Voc-Rehab a chance   its your one shot at making a living for your family  or getting placed on TDIU  which pays 100% 

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While I was in Chaptor 31 Voc Rehab, I had to get the head supervisor involved to have a chat with my VR Counselor. I also had difficult time with my counselor. This payed of greatly as from that point on my counselor was on the ball. I agree with Buck however you should give it a chance. If it does not work out such as my case you can let the counselor know and together can determine if your able to handle it all. My final road was I could not work anywhere as my SC were so bad I had to finally surrender. In the end I decided to take advice from a member I met in here which was a God sent. Bless you and good luck in VR. Keep us informed.

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You know, the "most beautiful flowers grow out of some pretty smelly stuff".  Give your counselor a chance "even tho" the surroundings may smell bad at first.  I noticed even dead fish make great fertilizer, but dont expect them to smell like flowers.  

What you described as "unprofessional", could also be interpreted as "human" or even "down to earth".  

You may need a "favorable interpretation" from your counselor, and it couldnt hurt much to start with a favorable interpretation of him.  

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