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Strongest Pain Med with Least Dizziness?

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Apology and Thank You
I apologize in advance if my first-time post is not in the correct place or forum for my question. But I sincerely thank anyone in advance who might be able to help someone at their wits end.

My mother is 91 and has out-of-this-world severe back pain (lumbar pinched nerve). The only medication she takes for anything is 10mg Prednisone. The doctor prescribed her oxycodone (Percocet) 5mg which made her uncomfortably dizzy. And, taking a half dose (2.5mg) doesn't touch the pain.

Does there exist a strong pain medication that does not cause dizziness?

Unimportant commentary
I have tried to find the answer on my own by searching and googling for weeks of no avial. I have asked countless doctors and pharmacists, but they have no clue -- they don't have any personal experience and only know the Pharmaceutical Company Literature, not to mention they are clueless. They have no clue how to handle an eldery 90lb 91 year old lady in severe pain. Posting here is really my last resort, if anyone knows anything about pain, it is veterans here who have experienced true pain, I will greatly appreciate any thoughts ideas or help. Thank you again.

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Welcome to hadit. 

My doctor's repeatedly "try drug B" if "drug A" is not effective or does not work.  

Did she take the pain pill on an empty stomach?  

Many times you need to take the pill after a meal, and/or with a full glass of water.  

Of course, the best course of action is to mention this to her doctor..I dont want to practice medicine, and I doubt you do either.  

While I do understand its often a good idea to research the meds, there is no substitute for your doctors experience and training.  If "the internet" could solve all medical problems, then all doctors would have to lose their job, and I dont see that happening any time soon.  


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Thank you so much for your reply (and quick reply, too! wow!😀).
Unfortunately, on numerous occasions, she has tried the strongest sublingual marijuana tinctures available (as well as the new direct inhale resin thing) and all they do is make her light headed and confused without touching the pain.

5 months ago she could do anything: walk, drive, and even shop at Walmart! Today, due to the messed up lumbar nerve spasms, she is almost completely immobile (takes her at least 3 minutes to get out of her chair to the walker and another 2 minutes to get to the kitchen a few feet away).

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My Dad in in same predicament. I had done what Shrek has recommended. Believe it or not, my dad states it's really helping. Does not make him dizzy. 

I would also recommend that route. The medications comes in different forms, ie, capsules, edibles, oil, drops. 

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