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VA websites login issues: VA.gov, ebenefits, myhelathevet helpful phone number

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I tried to login to va.gov.  They said my password was expired.  Ok, so I created a new one.  

Then, they wanted "2 factor authentication" which was sent to a phone I had 4 years ago, which has been disconnected as it was a land line.  So, it made login impossible.  

I went to my local VAMC.  In the past, the librarian was able to "in person" authentice, necessary for "premium" account at my healthevet/ebenefits.  

No more library due to covid.  

So, I was directed to Patient Advocate.  



Dont use "ID me" for login..its full of glitches.  Use ebenefits.  (when you try to login, you are sent to a page with choices of "ID me", "DSA login" or myhelathevet.  She suggested choosing the later.  

They gave me the login help for my healthy vet/ ebenefits/va.gov at 

1877 327-0022

or TTY 1-800-877 8339

Monday thru friday 7am to 7 pm CENTRAL time.  

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@broncovet, I am in the same situation. I can't log in to check/upload claim status or anything. The authentication process sucks because they have my old phone number and email which I don't have. 

I tried to log in with I'd me. I have a problem with uploading my driver's license so I tried to use my VA card. No-go. 

So as of now, I am waiting for a video chat from I'd me to verify me.

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ON THE VA IT systmens, Va has spent billions of taxpayer dollars on multiple occassions, and this is the level of computer service we get:  "Inconsistent", unreliable, and untrustworthy.  

And the VA's solution is always the same:  MORE MONEY.  

When congress gives them more money, the result is the same:  failure.  


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  • Content Curator/HadIt.com Elder

As info, I cannot login to va.gov or the beneficiary travel claims site using myhealthevet. I -must- use ID.me. Tried again this morning and had the same issues.

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I can understand the frustration of dealing with account issues, especially when it involves outdated contact information and complicated authentication processes. It's great that you sought help from the Patient Advocate and found a workaround by using the myhealthevet/ebenefits login option.

By the way, if you ever find yourself in need of temporary phone numbers for verification or similar purposes, you might want to check out quackr.io. It could come in handy in situations like these.

It's commendable that you're proactive in finding solutions and sharing your experience. Thanks for being a part of the community and helping others navigate through challenges.

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