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I have an appointment with the VA Chiropractor coming up and I’m trying to figure out if I will be given an MRI. I am 40% for lower back and I think that an MRI will show other issues. Anyone been through this before? Thanks in advance.

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  • Content Curator/HadIt.com Elder

Good question. Being the VA, I doubt they would bundle an MRI with a chiropractic appointment. The VAMCs do tend to have waits for an MRI unless it is an emergency. Additionally, a radiologist would need to read the imaging and write a report.

If you have not had an MRI for quite a while and your situation has worsened, consider contacting your provider and ask if they can get you in for one ahead of your chiropractic visit.

I have been to many non-VA chiropractors and found that upon the first visit they tend to do an x-ray so they can see what they are working with. I also receive pain management injections outside of the VA and if my MRI is over a year old they request a new one.

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I've had a few MRI's done through the VA.  I asked my primary care Dr. and he put the request in.  The VA will send the scans to a specialist to read them.  A chiropractor more than likely will not have the proficiency to read them correctly.  They can assess the report in layman's terms from the specialist.  Just like you or I would do.

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massage therapist and physical therapist are better doctors...
chiropractors are quacks at best and witch doctors at worst....do some research on chiropractors- history of, licensing, training etc. its basically modern day whodovoodoo with "doctor" put in front of it to give it better ring

4 hours ago, john999 said:

One session with my local chiropractor and he about broke my back.  Never again would I let one of those guys touch me.

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  • Content Curator/HadIt.com Elder

@john999 Not all of them are the same. I have seen about six total. Five of them were like an assembly line and worked on areas which did not need work. I would often walk out more sore than when I walked in.

My current one is more of a holistic provider. They only work on the areas which need it and use approaches none of the others use. Now I walk out taller and in less pain than when I walked in.

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