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  1. On the original claim when I did C&P they did not do a ROM. I filed a NOD and on this C&P they did do a ROM. Does this mean they now recognize disability as service connected?
  2. I recently had a C&P on a condition that I have a NOD. My original claim requested service connection and they did no ROM back on original C&P. Would they send me to a C&P exam and take range of motion (ROM) measurements on a condition they intended not to service connect? This has been going on for over three years, I was granted 10 percent.
  3. I was denied compensation over 20 years ago. They based it off my failure to provide additional information. But I have evidence where I called and the VA and told them I did not have any additional information. They asked me to fill out a form for accidents. I was attacked/assaulted and I called the VA and said this. The entire report was in my c-file of the attack. I believe their is a huge difference between a car accident, and attempted murder. How would I QUE this. Also there is no decision of their denial in my c-file
  4. Very nice take good care of yourself
  5. You all got me thinking when I headed off to the navy, they had us all stay at a hotel , EVERYBODY Army, Navy Marines, Air force nobody fessed up for coast guard. There was this really hot red head that I had known for couple years, she had joined the Marines.I remember how gung ho she was. We had a real good time
  6. U tell em like it is
  7. I feel I bleed I am the real deal. I was the cock of the walk but now I just fear the next bad thing that never happens. Paranoid is just a higher realization of reality. once in a blue moon I am what I was.
  8. I agree with USMC I highlighted and drew lines and arrows. I made it as simple as I could, my award was returned and money in the bank in 75 days. I sent over thirty pages also. It reminded me of Alice's restaurant song.
  9. I could write a book about this topic. The plain simple truth PTSD sucks the life out of me and anybody that tries to love me.
  10. Buck when I went to my c&p exam the doc stated to me. You know you can change doctors. He was telling me the one that I have is not helping me, I believe the doc documents to reduce the severty. I came out with a mental illnes, I am screwed as far as my compensation there is no amount in the world that I would take if I could be who I was before. IMO it is going to be the luck of the draw.
  11. We can not turn a blind eye to our treatment. We need to be vested in our treatment. If you were being treated for any other ailment you should know what the doctor is saying on your condition no matter how uncomfortable it is.
  12. I believe we are our best advocate. Knowledge is power. I get triggered reading mine also, but not knowing what is being put in it is worse for me
  13. Buck its up to you and your wife. I'll share the process with ya. It requires extensive tests and weekly visits to see doc. I have been going weekly for over a year. The good is I have been seeing psychologist and I have a good understanding of what ptsd is and how the symptoms effects me. The symptoms have not gone away but I am medicated and it reduces the severity of the symptoms. I am glad I am receiving help. It can help you. But I will never be cured. I can't tell you what to do buck but I can share my experience with ya
  14. PTSD would work for ya in situation like this also. We trust nobody and we never let our guard down. I'd be the perfect pot grower.