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  1. I don't see my post from yesterday, lets try it again. Fast run down, on my post back in 2014 on my denial claim on a cue and appeal. I have seen a VA judge 3 months ago (March) got denied again. I know thru my DAV rep to pursue this further I must hire a VA lawyer. And I got to do this with in 120 days. My DAV is telling me it's over his head or pay grade was his words. Can anyone on here recommend a lawyer with a good track record. Also what perc entage is the going rate they charge. thanks
  2. I agree how they did conveniently lower my hearing, but once I get the brown package I will appeal that decision. Also I did notice that had 10% for my heart that I did not know about, and that along it should have bumped it up to 80%
  3. I have heard that, that is why I am going back and re-apply. The last time the jerk said I made to much money , there fore I did not qualify for SSD. Do you are anyone on here know if your annual salary is measure against you being qualified?
  4. rpowell0l, I did apply for TDIU and I was denied. I still have not gotten anything in the mail telling me anything about the up grade. I will appeal that and my hearing decrease. And I was advised I need to file for ED also. I under stand that is not ratable but falls under SMC.I really don't know, I will wait and see how that goes. On another note I am going back and re file for SSD next week.
  5. Hi John, I have not had a heart attack, but I had a 95% blockage and a 40% blockage. The 95% was open up with a stent. The 40 % will more likely get a stent in April when I got see my private cardiologist. I think I am going to get a nuclear stress test that I had last time the blockage was found. I did not know I had the 10% for my heart till I got the report on my up grade. I also thought it would be 80% with the added 10%, but I have been paid for 70% I will have my VSO look into this and see what he thinks. I was puzzle also on the down grade on my hearing, how could it get better?
  6. I got a print out from the VSO yesterday that shows that my claim was finalized and he printed it out. I have mention it before that I did not have much faith in the QTC that did the P&C back in Jan. Well the audiologist was where I had faith in, but that was wrong to do. The following is my old rating and my new rating. OLD RATING NEW RATING PTSD = 50% PTSD = 70% HEARING= 40% HEARING = 20% TINNITUS = 10% TINNITU
  7. Thomasc I first applied for SSD back last year. The young jerk was adamant that I made to much money and never did look at my disability. Yes I feel sure if I was on SSD that would have helped me get TU or P&T. I plan on going back next week and reapply and not take no from a young jerk pushing buttons on a screen. BTW since I am retired civil service, the Govt. take about 45% of my SS that they never put a dine toward it as a Windfall Tax
  8. Killemall that I don't know, I will have to go back and look at my hearing test that got me the 50% and then compare it to the last one that got it downgraded. I am not on SSD, but, I am planning on going back and see if now I can get SSD with the new rating.
  9. Morning vets, just to add my 2 cents in here. I got a call yesterday form the VA verifying some things and was told I would be happy with my new rating. Today I went down to the VSO and ask David to pull up my file claim, sure enough there was an up grade, and a denial also. I lost some on my hearing rating, was 40% plus 10% for tinnitus now 20% plus 10% tinnitus, PTSD went from 50% to 70% and my CHD went to 60 % right off the bat, so I am now rated at 90%. I was denied IU, they are saying that I am able to do some type of employment. Even if I kept my 50% on my hearing it would only get me
  10. I just wish I was smart enough to comment. IT JUST DAMN WRONG and the veterans keep on suffering
  11. I had 5 the first part of Jan. All was by a GP Dr. this on my heart, hypertension. The one on my PTSD was a Psychologist. But they both seem to reading and asking questions, like it was scripted. the only test that I thought was fair was my hearing test. My question is how are we suppose to treated right they don't give us a Dr. who specialize in the field you are seeking help. How could a GP evaluate your heart if they aren't a BOARD CERTIFIED Cardiologist . I agree with NAVY O4
  12. well I also look into e bennies offend, maybe daily. My claim has moved to decision review. My completion date has moved also, 2-14 to 5-14 So I am looking to see if anything moves this month, if maybe the next month till it c.ompleted. It has only been a year in the system
  13. if the VA would follow by example by the Admin on here they would better off
  14. don't give up, that what they want. Stay at them, if you give up they win. I know it is hard to fight the battle, I am fighting one since I was denied 1983, so the battle still goes on. Like someone else said, get a lawyer, you may have to payout, but if you win the door is then open. keep up the fight. GOOD LUCK
  15. e-bennies sucks. It has been down for so long I am beginning to think the contractor on the ACA i.e. Obamacare are the one who is handling the this site.
  16. well here it is 8:17 EST in Georgia and E-bennies is still down. I guess it being up graded by the same people who was working on the AHC (Obama care) web site.
  17. thanks for the replies, but my son has not been med retired yet, He is going thru a school called TAPS what ever that is. Anyway I was just asking a question for me, not him as of yet. I think once he knows for sure he is being Med retired he will start his VA claim.
  18. All of this interesting, My son is looking to be medical discharged this Feb. with 19.5 years in the Air Force giving him 20 years of service. He is being MD due his depression and other medical problems. He did tried to comment suicide and was placed in a mental health hospital. Once he was released several months later he was back in for 3 weeks. My question is? When he is medical discharged can he draw both his retirement and his VA once he applies for it? Thanks
  19. Morning Dot, to answer your questions, NO I have never smoked, my cholesterol is under control by the medication I take. Now as for as my weight goes, I am 5'8'' and my weight is 234lbs, so according to their chart I am obese. I don't think I have sleep apnea, but with PTSD I NEVER SLEEP THRU A NIGHT. Also I would never take this DR. opinion as gospel. I have a cardiologist that is taking care of my heart. My cardio Dr. has me schedule for a stress test this April. The results of the test will determine if he put in a stent to open the 40% blockage. I almost forgot the atherosclerosis, yes I
  20. Well glad this week is over. I had 5 QTC's since last Friday. Today was 3 back to back. I has PTSD, Heart, and HYPERTENSION. when I was seated they took my BP which was 177/97/78 then again 172/83/79 those was on the left arm then to the right arm, 171/85/76. I don't know how that going to play out. The Dr. who examine me for my IHD said I had a good heart, I asked how could that be with high BP, A STENT and a artery with more than 40% blockage. He said it sounds good, what a joke this was. Now on the PTSD the Psy Dr. I think did really well, ask some good questions, but nothing about the ev
  21. I went and applied for SSDI on my 50% disability for PTSD. I was told straight up once I sat down with the interviewer that I made to much money. I never got a chance to say anything except BS. never looked at my VA report. so good luck with yours
  22. I forgot to add, I am having a C&P by a QTC on 1/06/14 and 1/10/14 on my hypertension and PTSD increase .I just had a new hearing test by QTC 12/30/13. But I will mention to the Dr. that I think I have ED due to the meds I am taking.
  23. jbasser, I have had my VA Dr. fill this form out. It is in the VA hands. Dr. was very helpful and did not mine filling it out.
  24. well after some soul searching, I will not STOP taking my meds. As friend on here as stated, my life is more important, and that I agree with. I will take all my meds with me as show and tell. I will also give the most vivid recount of my experience I had in Vietnam. Thanks to all on here for there concern and input
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