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  1. My call to the 1800 number was routed to Salt Lake City.. Talked to a nice lady that actually looked at my record(File on the computer) and her words were this is messed up. Has not been updated at all and according to what I said to her there was other stuff wrong too. The lady was nice. Not anything like the SHi$head that I got when I called the Claims Management folks in DC. The dude was rude!!!! Told in no uncertain terms , I was not to call there for info and to call the 1-800 number. He is a 50 something sounding male!!! Hope you don't get him when you call.
  2. I will do an Iris inquiry in a week to see if they say the same thing. The congress critter is next on the list. I do not like to go that route unless it's really needed as it slows the process even longer in most cases. My local DAV is open from 9 to 1 tomorrow and will talk to my rep there to see what can be done. Today is my 1 year from date of claim. I WILL get to the bottom of this!!!
  3. Just wish the VA would get their STUFF together. How many of the guys here just on this forum that have stories as to lost records and they were on the raters desk, never got the C&P from the clinic, no evidence of Nam service and it's right on the 214 and so on The stories are endless.... I am a member of 3 different forums and the same stuff is on all of them. Guys/Gals have put their butts on the line IN COMBAT and they can't keep things straight. It's really sad!!!!!
  4. Justrluk. It's a 10-12 hour drive from here to St. Pete. Too long a drive for me with my back and leg problems. They( VA) has the paperwork. they signed for it in Feb 2012 when I sent it return reciept requested. Just can't tell which one is lieing to me!!!!!!!
  5. Ok. Just talked to VA at 1-800-Peggy. The guys read a canned statement and then I ask some questions and he was very condecending. He said that he did not see them sending out any paperwork to confirm that I was in Nam. He did confirm that they have my time in service right. 1964 to 1984. He said because my claim has IHD and DMII from Agent Orange in Nam, that is reason it is taking so long. He did not come out and say the DAV lied to me but he inferred it!!!!!!!
  6. Just talked to the DAV Rep in St. Pete. The VA is waiting for the AF/DOD confirmation that I was in Nam. What the H@##$%%. I sent them medical records where I was seen at Phan Rang and Pleiku medical clinics. I sent copies of personnel records that shows I was in Nam in 1968. About 6 months ago, I noticed that Ebennies had me only serving fro Oct 1980 to nov 1984. I sent them copies of my 214 that was 3 pages long. they only had the first page in there file. IT'S STILL That way!!!! Pure incompitdence!!!!! in the VA files. Ebennies has it right. The DAV rep said That is the reason th
  7. If you have evidence that you had the problem in the military, you have a chance. I am not the expert but your records are your friend. Make sure you have a copy of them at home. Also when you are seen by an outside doctor, get a copy of it for your file if it pertains to any of your problems. This site has a lot of good info as does the VBN, veterans benefits network.. Between the 2 I have learned a lot!!!!!!!!!!
  8. SpecDearman. you "SHOULD" be able to get a copy from the place where your C&P was done. Ask the receptionist where you can get a copy of it and he/she should be able to point you in the right direction. You will need to sign a release of information form to get it.
  9. Sounds like no one is updating ebennies. Here in Florida. St. Pete does not update very often. Mine has not moved since I submitted it 6 Jun 2011. Still gathering evidence and DUST at St. Pete.
  10. Thanks guys. I want them to get this new evidence before they do my claim. It's been in the works since last Jun. Probably have another 4-8 months before they get to mine from what I read.
  11. Got a call from my Doc yesterday and she is starting me on metformin on the 13th. I have a claim working that includes DMII (AO) related. I am at present only doing diet and exercise. What form do I need to fill out to send with the doctors note that she is prescribing meds.
  12. How often. It's different in most states. Here in Florida, it's almost never. St. Petersburgh. But I will say they are backlogged. Mine has not changed in 8 months. Even sent them some exlax about 3 weeks ago, Still no movement!!!!!!!
  13. Just MHO. The doc at the C&P can say yes but that does not mean you will get UI. It's up to the raters and how they see your records along with the C&P results. With him saying this is a good sign in my opinion. Not the expert, just from what I have read and researched on this great site and a few more.
  14. Good Morning Sox. The 1-800 number is not very helpful for any of us. It is not in your local regional office( in my case St. Petersburg Fl.) I don't know where they are but it is manned with clerks that I would say do there best but are not knowledgeable enough to give you good info. Are you using a VSO with your claim. I use the DAV. They can normally get a lot more accurate info from your regional office. I believe somewhere on the va web site there is the numbers to all of the VA regional offices. Seems like I seen them there while doing my research.
  15. I use the DAV here in Fort Walton Beach FL. The ones here are excellent and answer all my questions and help with submitting the needed paperwork. It's a good Idea to use the DAV IMHO. I to am waiting for AO things to work thru. Filed 6 Jun 11, Mine is still in gathering evidence!!!!!!!
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