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  1. If he received a 10% rating from the army he would have gotten severance check & no monthly comp. If it was a VA rating possibly it was a mail or paperwork screw up. In 1975 when you processed out because of medical reasons Army had you fill out VA paperwork, which started the ball rolling with VA. Usually you were assigned a temporary rating which would have been changed after exam. If he was awarded a 10% rating from VA in 1975 imho he should be able to collect what is due. He may be able to get some help from case management. Good Luck, Bob K
  2. Congrats Toyotafan, Thanks for your service. You deserve every penny. Stand proud & enjoy. Bob K
  3. I was told I had a Star review on my case after it closed July 2012. Never heard anything else about it though. Its a little frustrating when they tell you your case is under review then you never hear anything else about it. Just one more thing to worry about. Oh well. Bob K
  4. Big Congrats Gastone, Glad you got what you deserve! Bob K
  5. Welcome to Hadit, You are being treated extremely bad. Don't stand for it. Change your doc immediately & file a complaint. Don't let this self righteous jerk get away with it. You have to advocate for yourself with all healthcare, private & VA. The VA treats MRI's like they're gold. It took me 3 mo's to get one for my hip. They give you the run around, but eventually order the test. If you have access to private care you're better off, if not you have to bitch. Its a shame its like that. You served your country proudly & deserve some respect. Good luck & thanks for your s
  6. Congrats on your victory!! Sounds like a long battle. Enjoy, Bob K
  7. Pete 53, Don't really understand your comment. Please explain.
  8. Congrats Phil, My story is similiar & I also experienced success thanks to the Hadit Nation. Bob K
  9. Good for you Matt, There are way too many doctors who prescribe whatever the latest pill is that the pharm. companies are pushing. As you say there are alot of bad side effects for alot of people. Thank you for sharing info that helps you & will undoubtedly help others. God Bless You & I wish you continued success. Bob K
  10. Here in Mass. Enjoying the heat. Bob K
  11. Sounds to me like you had a compassionate examiner who was concerned about your anxiety level. Its hard, but try to keep good thoughts. Best of luck to you. Its always a roller coaster ride of emotions. Hang in there. Bob K
  12. Holy Chit, Soundslike the DAV is working for your RO. I also had DAV for my case & they did absolutely nothing for me. They had no interes tin me & just regurgitated info I already had gotten from RO. Bob K
  13. Welcome Tex, You've come to a great site with knowledgeable people. Enjoyed your story & everyone who served did there part no matter where you were sent. I wish you luck & God Bless. Bob K
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