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  1. Thanks for the KUDOS. During the process it was hard to wait. I admit I had a case of "Check Ebennies all the time". Now that it's over I can appreciate the wait we ALL endure.
  2. Hello all brothers & sisters. I just received a call from the Seattle VARO and after clarifying some info I was told That I am 100%! Unbelievable! My claim was one week short of two years. My VSO (AL) filed the initial and I did the rest. Couldn't have done it without the help on this site! Thank you all and wishing the rest of you all success. My advice is document, document, document , then send. Now looking into state bennies etc.. Hey, I can get my teeth done now! God Bless.
  3. I appreciate the advice. I'll probably wait till my initial claim is finished then file. 600 days, getting close!
  4. I'm just wondering, I have claimed AO exposure but not boots on the ground. I had a huge tumor removed in 04 that was benign. Could'nt AO have caused the tumor and I was just lucky that it was benign? I was aboard an aircraft carrier and the VA accepted the report of Dioxin on the carriers from me.
  5. I guessing I'll be one of the "provisional" claims to be decided. My claim date is Sept. 2011. It will be interesting to see what I get. I've told them and signed the development letter saying all evidence has been received, decide my claim. Seattle is really backed up and we may see a flood of decisions coming.
  6. I only hope that what I have learned here helped me to get a decent desison. I am close, 550 days at Seattle. My earliest date is the end of March. I started out with a un- reachable VSO, and did the rest myself. Great job to all on this site!
  7. The male/female is toggled. The age is set. But, I am sure we can't put to much credence into the info displayed. Especially Benefits Explorer as that doesn't reflect accurately the status until the claim is decided.
  8. That's not all that's new. The "what have we received from others" is gone on mine as well. They are asking for evidence I have already submitted. The due date is 3/13, one day before my 63rd birthday. That's funny as it is also my age on the benefits explorer page. Hmmm.
  9. Wonder how much it cost to furnish that hall of justice!
  10. Thanks for the input. I'll be sure and post when the results are in, hopefully under success stories!
  11. I got some action on my claim and the RO called me. I was asked some strange questions and basically we ended with a development letter being sent. When I got it today imagine my surprise when it basically said I needed to provide info to support my claims. They have tons of documentation from me and both volumes of my STR's. So I have decided to call their bluff. I checked the box that says they have everything and decide my claim. I have nothing more to submit. I hope I did the right thing. I sent it back certified return receipt requested and they will have it tomorrow. I have read where other vets did this and it worked out for them. I can only hope. I want it over, at least this stage of it. I'll post what happens. BTW, this happened because I called the 202 number.
  12. tugger50


    I feel that alot of the VSO/NSO's feel like they are helping, but sometimes they hurt the claim by not following up on anything. Of coarse there some good ones, but the ineffective ones are more numerous. I personally like my AL VSO, but he is an un-paid volunteer who only shows up on Friday at the local Vet center. He recently retired from the Navy and is busy pursuing his college degree. Guess what gets his priorities are? I took over my own claim and feel like I'm in charge now. If I submit anything I send copies to the AL VSO's at the Seattle RO. That way if they ever can back me up they will have them. I belong to the AL and do enjoy showing up for muster once in a while. Who knows, I might be having a brewski with A VSO.
  13. I understand that the Benefits Explorer doesn't really show much until your caim is completed. What puzzles me is when I scroll down to my age it says 63. I won't be 63 till the middle of next month and that is also the month my claim is to be completed (earliest). I am wondering if that age was in there to reflect my age when everything kicks in. Thanks.
  14. I am about to be found unemployable by L&I and should get a state retirement through them. Since my original L&I claim was for a SC injury would that be good evidence to sumit for TDIU on my VA claim? Thank you as always.
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