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  1. Update: So diagnosis: Bipolar II, PTSD w/agoraphobia, sexsomnia (undiagnosis, but have had it forever til I found a name for it) Delayed Phase Sleep syndrome, OCD, Hypersomnia I am no longer having nitemares or jumping at everything! my docs say PTSD is curable! I still get anxious and have anxiety at times, and some minor panic attacks, but not as often or severe. But stress really really really screws me up, about 15 months ago I noticed I was getting worst, my bipolar I believe, but I was having strange episodes I can't even explain. I get fuzzy brained and my thoughts get disorganized, and I feel like I had a stroke and I cant get words out, and I stutter, and it frustrates me, and I lose my train or thought, or just a word, it like I see a basket ball in my mind and I dont know the word, then cant explain what it is either. Well I had my first FULL manic episdoe and the VA hospitalized me, diagnosis, physchosis. Then I was convulsing too. they just said its bipolar so I started checking on sexsomnia again, it seems there is more then one kind now, ones stemming from parasomnia, klien level syndrom, and epilepsy and temporal lobe epilepsy causes sleep issues, sex orgasim jerks, mood disturbances, obsessive behavior, anxiety, sturrters, and slurred speech post seizure, and these siezures can be so tiny, no one can se them, and they can just look like I stare for a couple seconds. SO DO I HAVE NONE of those mental health issues at the top of this post, they were all mimic, because seizures created mood disturbances, and thought disorganization, for sometimes days, this would mean I have NO mental health issue, and only nuorligical issue, and not even those sleep disorders! They mental healt put me on antidepressants, and I guess your not supposed to give those to someone with a seizre disorder sorry for my spelling, its hard for me to type words now, ive been a brain mess for a month.
  2. thanks for the responses, also in my denail letter it stated I get SSDI because I no longer want to work, HUH!!?? lol that's not how SSDI works!
  3. The VFW is going to help me with the NOD tomorrow he wants me to being in my original claim from jan 07 denied in dec 07stating a personality dx, mimicked bipolar and PTSD, I appealed jan 08 and in July 12 was awarded bipolar and PTSD %70 PTSD, so he wants also that award letter showing there was never personality disorder, it was ruled out and over ruled to bipolar and PTSD, which now they blame ssdi says I have personality disorder and bipolar on top of all my other service connected disabilities and that only bipolar and personality disorder make me unable to work, ssdi only noted I have personality disorder because of that old claim where they tried to say I have it, it doesn't even exist! And bipolar is in fact part of my %70 for mental! They went on to say in my denial I have only ever been treated by the va for the past 10 years for bipolar alone! I am treated for anxiety with agrophobia (PtSD) and depression (bipolar) BoTH! Anyhow, is noD a thing that takes years and goes into appeal no matter what???? Or is it something that can be won and never go to appeal, if we word the NOD well enough to show they overlooked what I am treated for and that in fact it's part of my last appeal I just won and that in fact ssdi only put in my disability for personality disorder on top of everything else because they were the ones who originally said I had it and I don't!
  4. Please read my 4th and 5th entry posted today 8/28/13 In this topic :( :( If I didn't have SSDI they would have just looked solely at my employment history Instead they looked at ssdi found two things listed they say aren't service connected, (which one is and part of my PTSD) the other was appeal and ruled out already, but said those two things are the only factors to me being unemployable Yet saying I am unemployable just not service connected All my ssdi is from just my medical records from va and military and all service connected, the personality was mentioned once by a therapist, and it's haunted me for years, going into yet another appeal for it, I won before when they tried to say my PTSD was only personality disorder, and I'll win again cause it has never existed! And how can they say they can distinguish which mental disorder effects me working or not, they will take something as small as a migraine on ssdi claims if it isn't service connected and say you are only unemployable for the non service connected stuff just to deny you! Yet everything I got ssdi for was service connected stuff except personality dx, and only ssdi added that, I never claimed it, and my award letter states they only found it in my military record, I don't have it! Personality disorder will haunt you for life if it's mentioned once in a military record!
  5. Does a NOD go into BVA for appeals, or can they find the flaw and it just take a few short months and skip appeals, or do all NOD go into an appeal, if no further evidence is needed, they just overlooked something and we bring it to their attention, is it settled fast Please check out my thread for my information on what is going on with my DENIED IU claim
  6. OH and to boot they said I am only being treated for BIPOLAR alone by the va and NO records show I am being treated for PTSD, I am being treated for PTSD, ANXIETY with AGORAPHBIA, Bipolar II, and depression, and sleep dx's, I am in therapy biweekly have a med doc, and on meds
  7. was denied.... I was found unemployable but they say it is because of bipolar and personailty dx, and not my arthritis and PTSD my %70 PTSD is for anxiety with agorphobia, depression, PTSD from MST, and Bipolar they are saying SSDI shows I have personality dx and bipolar, and they can distinguish that only those two things which they are saying are not service connected, cause my unemployability bipolar IS part of my %70, and personailty dx was ruled out in my appeal for PTSD in 2012 after it lost to personailty dx,in 08 so what I am trying to say is SSDI only soley used my military and va medical records and stated I aslo had personality dx, cause once it was mentioned in therapy in 03 during service since service not once have I got a dx of personailty dx, I had to appeal that and was awarded for bipolar and ptsd as %70 PTSD SO I DO NOT TO THIS DAY HAVE PERSONALITY DISORDER< but again they are denying a claim based on one document from 03 while I was in therapy! and now cause it is in my SSDI award, they are playing games and trying to use it against me again they said I am unemployable soley for BIPOLAR which is service connected and they are now saying NOT, and personality DX, which I never ever had I had a 5 year appeal because of this dang glitch before, now about to have another LONG APPEAL ANYHOW went to the VFW today and the guy wants me to come back tomorrow with my award letter from last year stating I have anxiety, depression and bipolar, all rated as PTSD, won from a denail because of a one page paper saying once PERSONALITY DX they are trying to say I am unemployable and can distingish all my service connections dont hold me back, just soely the FAKE personailty dx, and bipolar which IS SERVICE CONNECTED! why do I have to go thru so many appeals, here goes another 4 year plus wait, after I had a total of a almost 6 year wait after a denail then long APPEAL! OH QUESTION does all NOD go to appeals, or will we file NOD, and they can look back at the fact they overlooked bipolar was service connected and won over a faulty personailty dx they are again trying to bring up when it has already been overruled and ruled out so will this possible take a few short months, or do all NODs go into appeal and to BVA???????
  8. welp, still waiting, no BBE yet, but last time it took 2 months to get it... and yet still no changes to my AB8, my benefits explorer, and even my handbook
  9. My SSDI is for Back injury, carpal tunnel, degenerative joint disease, tendinitis, bipolar II disorder, PTSD, anxiety disorder with agoraphobia, depression, and personality disorder my SC is 70% PTSD (bipolar, depression, anxiety and PTSD) 10% Back injury 10% left wrist 10% left ankle 10% Left knee Combined %80 the only diff is personality DX on SSDI, and that because when I was discharged from the service I was dx with PD to try to not let me ever get any disability, I was never really diagnosis by a doc, a doc put in Depression to not rule out, and a social worker, deemed me only PD, and had me discharge, she was prob paid a bonus to do so. Yet to this day not a single doc, VA nor Military said I was PD but SSDI said I was, so whatever, but all my SSDI is for SC conditions dating back to 03, but paid me back to 09 since I made too much money that year at a NISH job for people with disabilities, that I wasnt able to even hold onto, it was my last decent job but it was 20 hours a week and I couldn't handle it, and it was too much mental strain and physical, I also have Delayed sleep syndrom and Hypersomnia both DX from the military I am not rated at yet, makes it hard to ever wake up, you can call me 50 times and place 2 blazing alarm clocks near me and I wont wake up, that was the real and main reason I was supposed to be discharged but they put code JFK and Personaility DX on my DD214, so I could try not to get any Disability, it took 10 years fighting and still am!
  10. So my claim went from Preparation for Decision on 8/09/13 to Pending Decision Approval on 8/21/13 to complete on 8/22/13, seemed OH so fast, very worried, my AB8 was not updated, but I have read from others it can happen in up to two weeks or more, some if it closed on a Friday their AB8 wasn't on the site or updated til Monday. Anyhow it is only Sunday and it closed Friday, but my "Download Letters" changed completely, not showing anything for ID or commissary thou here is what it looks like, the second one down is my AB8, the first one lets you kind of generate an AB8, both still showing I am currently paid $1503 @ %80, but waiting for BBE, and hoping for a change come Monday. This claim was deferred from a claim started 01/27/07 My retro was nice as I didn't get it til after my appeal because I was initially denied, I got approved 7/27/12, 7 days after I was approved for SSDI for all my service connected disabilities dating back to my EOS being May 2003, my original claim to may 2003 I waited to long to appeal and had to open the new claim in 07, went from %30 to %40 then later %80, and really hoping for IU since I have not held down a steady job ever since Discharge, and I last worked in 2012 for one month, 2010 for one month and 2009 for just a few short months. And being on SSDI I no longer work at all.
  11. Thanks, i found out sometimes it can take up to a few weeks for benefits explorer and the AB8 to update
  12. Well It went from prep for decision to pending approval to closed all in one day I see no change in my AB8, and I see a section for appeals I really think they are mass denying people to get rid of the backlog then making the appeals back log bigger and bigger and bigger But no ones bitching about the backlog of appeals being 4-7 years
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