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  2. Greetings Has anyone on the site applied or attempted to apply for the HUD-VASH program? Were you successful? Female veterans and veterans with families, have you applied for these services and were denied? Has anyone had any success with this program?
  3. Peace and Wellness QueenB

  4. Ladypoetry: Here and still fightin B)
  5. Peace and wellness Ms. Berta Congrats! You are the wind beneath many of our wings and it's great news to hear that your case was won! Now if we could just get you appointed to the Supreme Court....(smile) Your husband served with Honor and you serve with HONOR! I salute you!
  6. Does anyone have Dr. Whitely mailing address? If so would you be so kind as to send it to me? This lie that they (DOD/VA) are telling that makes it seem that most if not all of the rape cases in the military are alcohol related needs to stopped, put down. and we can all attend the memorial service! The campaign should say: If you rape you are setting yourself up for a date with the electric chair!
  7. Peace and Wellness Wings Thank you. I apologize for the mistake. I thought that I had sent you PM as message as well, perhaps that message did not post. I instant messaged (PM) you primary because of the women veteran issues that I was addressing. I will respect your wishes by not instant messaging (PM) you again. Respectfully, please be advised that I have been a subscriber to this forum for many years, long before you and I say this free of disrespect and with the upmost humility. I was under the impression that it was okay to ask for ideas. I was not asking you to do my hom
  8. Peace and wellness My case is finally going to the BVA next month. I could really need some help with obtaining a template of how to prepare my brief that will get me what I need. I would appreciate your and any of the other hadits members help. The issues of the appeal that I need the most help with are worsening of condition for ptsd, major depression,anxiety, and the reduction of 100% P&T, and unempoyability. If I could get the template/guide I could use it to apply to the other issues on appeal. If you can assist me contact me through my email here and or my email address.
  9. They didnt bury the body! They just shredded it and sold it back to the guverment to be recyled into paper. Who in turn sent some of the paper to the tresuary department to make new money and the rest they sold to Charman to make toilet paper.
  10. "This is a story about four people named Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody. There was an important job to be done and Everybody was sure that Somebody would do it. Anybody could have done it, but Nobody did it. Somebody got angry about that, because it was Everybody's job. Everybody thought Anybody could do it, but Nobody realized that Everybody wouldn't do it. It ended up that Everybody blamed Somebody when Nobody did what Anybody could have done." B) B) B) B) B)
  11. Lady Poetry, You are that Oak Tree. ~Silver Wings

  12. Hey Sportfans Does anyone know if the clevelend ohio VA is a member of theShredders Inc? Does anyone have any info on the Tiger Team VA Processing unit? My claim which was supposed to be sent to the DC Board of Veteran Appeals was sent to Ohio. They denied my claim. Okay sportfans, here is the real kicker so I would advise anyone standng to sit down because this is sure to knock you down and drag you across the floor. They said that my claim was a reopened claim. No it wasnt. If they read my c-files they would have known that this was an appeal to the VA Board of Veteran Appeals. I gue
  13. Hey Sportsfans It is obvious that the folks at the VA cannot count unless they are cutting the benefits of veterans. We ALL KNOW WHAT THE VA'S IDEA OF A COUPLE MEANS. They said that only a few, couple some,etc when the lied about the number of homeless veterans, they said there was only a slight increase in the suicide rates of veterans, They said the same thing when asked how many veterans were adversly affected by some of the medication that has and continued to be administered to veterans with mental illness. So congress should make sure that a real headcount is given when they fire and
  14. Hey Sportsfans! I would like to offer my 2cents if I may. Tread very carefully. I was awarded 100%P&T in 2004. I had other issues I was appealing, one of which was an earlier effective date. Now this should have been easy because I was awarded the 100% as a result of a CUE/VA's fault. I was reduced in 2006 back to the 60% that was awarded to me when I was medically retired from the Army. Yes I know that this was a illegal act on the part of the VA but it still happened. I filed a appeal/form 9/BVA request in 2006, and the VA has refused to forward it up to the BVA! This sort of th
  15. Berta, Yes its been a long time since I posted. I have been in VA hell and well I am still afighting. In regards to getting in touch with Jim about MST related issues. Do I write him on-line,send it by snailmail or what? How do I get the snailmail address? I would like to talk to the guy Ineed help really bad. Please help if you can. I am they female vet who lost her 100% P&T two years ago because she went forward with her other appeals and they took everything back. You and the guys on hadit helped me. I have been around for a long-time way back in the day since about 1995 anyway..
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