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  1. The 10's are for back and both legs. My ROM is worse than my first exam but who knows with the way they rate things now. I see that being rated at 80 does make it harder to get bumped. I just keep on pushing tho. Thank you
  2. i went for a ratings increase for my back, looking for some help with the numbers and findings please. I have 3 diagnosis; DJD, DDD & Lumbar Radiculopathy. Yes was checked for "Does the Veteran report having any functional loss or functional impairment of the thoracolumbar spine. Abnormal or outside of normal range was marked. Forward Flexion-40 Extension-10 R Lateral Flex-20, L Lateral Flex-15,R lateral rotation-30, L lateral rotation-25 If abnormal, does range of motion itself contribute to a functional loss" YES Pain noted on all ROM, pain with weight bearing, Guarding resulting in abnormal gait or spinal contour Sensory Exam: decreased in L upper anterior thigh, decreased in L thigh/knee, decreased in R lower leg/ankle, decreased in R foot/toe Veteran does have radicular pain due to signs or symptoms due to radiculopathy-YES Pain/Numbness: all Mild Severity of radiculopathy & side affected: both MILD Veteran does have IVDS of spine Veteran does use assistive devices Veteran does have a thoracolumbar spine condition that impacts her ability to work I am currently at 10%, 10% & 10%, any chance I will get an increase? Thank you
  3. i recently went for a ratings increase for my PTSD related to a MST, I am currently 50% for my PTSD, 80% total for SC. I have had to fight since day one, starting out with 10%, then 30 and finally 50, had to write my congressman several times but this last time, did not help as my 50% was continued. It's so depressing to read the decision and just not understanding how they make their decisions! My first complaint is that the crazy rating guide does not take into consideration what it means to be raped by someone you trusted! I mean if you don't fall into one of their categories, I must not really be suffering from the MST. Because I take care of my body, bathe, not a alcoholic or druggie then I am doing just fine, it just like adding salt to that would! I have never read a more insensitive description of signs or symptoms in all my life! I am going to submit the NOD but I am wondering if there are any other resources out there.
  4. Jeepgirl43


    Me too, good days and those even better crappy ones!!! I know what foods bother me, usually after i eat them, just something ya gotta deal with ya know.
  5. Jeepgirl43


    Hot and very stinky is all that i remember!!!! I was so happy when i was Medevac'd to Baghdad, that hospital had real toilets, they flushed and i didnt have to walk a country mile to get to them!!! I take Protonix along with Mesalmine-also have a steady diet of mirilax cocktails!!!!
  6. Jeepgirl43


    Defects in DNA, that's one i have never heard of! Me getting pancreatitis couldnt be explained, like you, I figured i just has the Iraq craps like we all had at one time or another over there. I know this, having diarhhea constantly, throwing up with an IV, in Iraq was not fun at all, esp in June!!!!! I hate porta-potties!!!
  7. Jeepgirl43


    I got sick when i was in Iraq with horrible bowl issues, ended up having Pancreatitis, which led to me being diagnosed with Crohn's colitis, i was rated 30% for it. They wanted to deny it saying that i had prior to service which could have been true, but it was never in my service record or medical findings. If you get with a good DAV rep., let him educate you on how to answer the questions, it helped me so much! We were not trying to scam or pull a fast one, my rep just want to give me the best chance at getting the best rating.
  8. I finally received my rating, but it wasnt until I went to my Congressman that things started to move. I work for the VA, I know how slow claims move, but mine was stuck in the same stage for way too long, a few days after I spoke to my Congressman, my claim miraculously moved through the process pretty fast. I hate to get help from outside sources, but there are those times when you just have to.
  9. My ordeal happened in 1994, it wasnt even called an "MST", it wasnt until much later a title was actually given. Let me just say that it was not a quick process! I was initially rated at 10% for Anxiety which just made me furious, one for the crappy 10% & two, for not calling it PTSD. After several phone calles, visits, letters sent, I finally asked my Congressman to get involved-he made all of the difference in the world!!! I received a letter from the VA that said "we sympathize with you, but........", thats when i stopped reading and took other actions. I wanted to quote a line from Major Payne, telling them where they can find sympathy, "between shit and syphillus in the dictionary". Anyways, it took some time, but it finally worked out for me, i hope it does for you as well. Just don't stop, sometimes they bog you down w/paperwork and get you discouraged, don't let that get to you.
  10. I had troubles filing for issues that resulted from an MST for years, it wasnt until i got my congressman involved that things started to happen. I think the higher ups thought i would just give rather than keep going, I refused to give up. My event happend in 1994, I didnt seek help until 2005 & the reason is that there was never any specific programs for MST victims. My ordeal was pretty big, involved a General Court Martial in Japan so there was plenty of evidence & paper trails, it was still a struggle to get rated. My advice is to keep going, find a good DAV rep and let them help you.
  11. I have been on this site several times before, I have learned so much just from reading all the posts/questions/answers. I just turned 42 a few weeks ago, I currently work at the VA Hospital in East Tn. I served 6 yrs in the Navy as a Corpsman, served 5 yrs in the Army as a Medic. I am a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom III, I was medically discharged after becoming very sick in Iraq. I am currently 70%, but am waiting on my latest claim to be rated. I look forward to hearing from those Elder Veterans who could give me adive or direction.
  12. I am waiting on the decision from the Ratings board for my claim on low back pain & radiculopathy, I would like some help, opinions, anything that would shed some light on my results.
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