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  1. I think you should file for the TDIU....If you are leaving your job because of the stress and anxiety or anything else that is related to your service connected MST and/or any other issues that you are rated for, then yes I believe you should apply. However, just a piece of advice....I wouldn't just say you are retiring but that you are leaving your job because of your service connected issues. IU is for Veterans who cannot maintain employment because of service related issues and you should receive it because you can no longer be gainfully employed because of those issues, so you are losing income because of those issues and should therefore be compensated. Its because of those service related issues what retirement pay you get will be lower, your social security will be lower and if you have any kind of employer matched 401k, that will be lower and because of this and other things I don't know you should get compensation.

    I have a 70% PTSD rating and I am TDIU. When I was younger I could work and suffer through what was going on in m,y head and Its not easy and you pay a professional price, but most importantly a personal price and there comes a time when you become overwhelmed and you just can't do it anymore.

    I got a certified VA rep to help me with my claim. She is very good and knows what she is doing and made my claim less stressful. She would get 20% of any retro pay, but for me not having the stress and anxiety involved with the claim was worth it. I'm not recommending her because I would get a cut...I won't and I don't want it. I am just a vet helping another vet.

    If you want her name and number, you could at the very least talk to her and she would advise you if you have a claim that can be won. Just let message me and if you want her name and number I will provide it.

    All the best and if you need to talk just let me know.


    1. Cruzcampo07


      Thank you Greg...Could you PM me with her information? 

  2. TDIU Question

    It's an early retirement, and I wish I could make it to the finish line, but, I cant...and it's not something you bring up when you're a LEO or you get put on the rubber gun squad.
  3. TDIU Question

    Hello All...I have a question about filing for TDIU. I was awarded 70% PTSD last fall based on MST. I am a primary law enforcement officer who investigates sex crimes and am going to retire because I can no longer handle the stress and reminders of my incident on a day to day basis. Do you see that as I do; as reason to qualify for TDIU? I have taken so much sick and annual leave over the years from the anxiety I can no longer do this...There are many other reasons that are PTSD related that also come into play, but, that is just an over simplification of many of the issues I am suffering and struggling with...PLEASE HELP AND THANKS IN ADVANCE!
  4. AWARD!

  5. AWARD!

    Hi all...Just wanted to give you an update on my claim. It posted today in eBenefits at 70%. Overall I've had a positive experience with the VA...I know that's not always the case in some instances, but, I was treated fairly, and with great respect. I hope and pray other Vets get the same treatment, and the care they deserve. Also, thanks to Hadit and its members...Keep up the good fight! PEACE
  6. HELP!

    Thanks for the info
  7. HELP!

    Broncovet: Yah her expertise was in this type of trauma, and she was a Ph.D. not an MD....she told me she had reviewed all the records available and I can only assume that for those reasons along with my exam she concluded her findings. I have no reason to think that her findings won't be favorable, however, a raters finding or whatever is anyone's guess...Keep your fingers crossed, I just don't know how long they will take to finalize this claim. That was my last piece of the puzzle!
  8. HELP!

    Welli had my C&P/PTSD exam on 11.05.15...It went as well as could be expected. The examiner was contracted through VES, she was thorough and professional, and, at the end told me this was the most clear cut case of PTSD she had done to date, and that it had appeared to her from her notes from the VA that they had acknowledged and coincided the stressor! She uploaded and sent the exam out while I was there and when I called the VA on 11.06.15 they verified that they had received it from VES...So how long will it take to see the results of this? I realize that you can't view this exam as readily as if it had been done by or at the VA? Thoughts?
  9. HELP!

    I will order them...Thanks!! I hope things shake out in my favor next week...I've been very cloudy, stressing over reliving and describing this event to someone...sick to my stomach in fact. I have taken Sick Leave so many times over the last several years it's surprising I still have a job.
  10. HELP!

    I spoke with the VA MST Coordinater who told me she read and reviewed my statemen, NCIS Letter, and my Doctors Nexus Letter, at which time she told me this should be fine but, as you pointed out...overwhelm them with evidence if it available! I will get a copy of my service jacket and comb through it.
  11. HELP!

    Broncovet: Thanks for your solid advice! I did remain in the service for the remainder of my enlistment and this event has been a secret until now...Its not in any service jacket that I'm aware of??
  12. HELP!

    Also, has anyone heard of claiming T2 diabetes secondary to PTSD?? My doctor told me he has recently seen studies linking the two?
  13. HELP!

    Thank you! I have the exam next week, not sure what to expect? I'm sorry for your experience as well, however, I'm hoping that by doing something (filing a claim) and recognizing why the things in my life turned out the way they have, and through continued counseling I can relieve some of this pressure. Thanks for for your service and support
  14. HELP!

    Yes, the NCIS letter states that it was in 1986 is all...no solid date though. I do have a current diagnosis of PTSD done by a shrink who is paid by the state run veterans benefit organization. He gave me a GAF Score of 45, along with a nexus letter from my doctor whom I have seen for the past 16 years. i also found a document where I got a DUI shorty after the incident, (March 1986). I have submitted my claim as an FDC, and am using the DAV. i was contacted by VES last week to go see one of their contracted psychologists on 11.05.15...it has been just over a year since I submitted my claim. I am hopeful that this will be enough evidence and shoring it up next week at my appointment.
  15. HELP!

    Hi all, new to the board...I need some help with trying to figure out if this will be enough to satisfy an examiner that I was sexually assaulted and repeatedly harassed by a Naval Officer in 1985/86. Background: While stationed aboard a US Naval Ship in 1985/86 I was sexually assaulted by naval officer and repeatedly harassed by him for months afterward...I had brought the assault to the attention of my chain of command who did nothing until another person came forward and also made a similar claim. At this time the Naval Investigative Service came in and interviewed myself along with another person. To make a long story even longer, the officer was arrested and court martialed. During the court martial it was learned that the officer had assaulted two others (total of 4) and had been removed as an instructor at the naval academy for the same behavior. it has taken me nearly 30 years to find the strength to come to grips with those events and file a claim. The only evidence I have is a document from NCIS stating that I was a victim of this crime as the records were destroyed after 25 years. I have my C&P exam this week and am nervous as hell that this may not work out?? Any advise and words of wisdom would be of great help...I have struggled for so long with the PTSD issues related to this event. Thanks Hadit for a place to vent