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  1. After almost 6 years, all I get a rating increase. Thanks for all the input on my prior thoughts. WTF I'm not able to work, only rely on my SSD and 10% rate. Poverty level. What chances of a 50% increase at minimum?
  2. pacmanx1. Thank you for reading and your input. Power of prayer is awesome. VEO, never heard of it but will check it out
  3. This is so exhausting, Granted 10 % in 10/2014 for Back injury lumbar strain I have not worked regularly since 7/2013 I have filed appeal for through ATTORNEY for ( increase rating with secondary issues and documented records left right hip pain neck pain sciatica left side chronic low back pain with muscle spasm and depression , TDIU many more ... I been on SSD since 11/ 2014 Just had my VA court hearing in May 2020 via ZOOM. I have 1000s pages of med report, Professional Expert Doctor Reviews What else can I do? advice welcome My chances of 100%rate increase or TDIU
  4. Hi Can compensation increase from 10% to 100%? My appeal is for increased rating, numerous secondary disability, TDIU and temporary total disability Its been on appeal since 2015
  5. File disability paperwork at social security administration. Attach you award letter and medicla redicords
  6. Berta To clarify... My SSD was granted a month prior to my VA comp. apoligize if I said it wrong. So I am fully disabled by SSD for my back/neck issues, a knee issue and Heart. a month later VA gave me 10% for back injury I felt low balled and appealing the va decision to include neck, muscle spasms secondary depression, anxiety, hip pain from chronic back pain and TDIU Jan 2015 through attorney representation. I posted to get more of veteran thoughts, ideas, and opinion on my issues. I had my video appeal hearing May 15 2020. Currently waiting Judge decisions Thanks DM
  7. Hello Vets Its been 5 years since I filed my appeal. I am still at 10% sc and I am asking for a rate increase and or TDIU. Since my initial decision my back issues have gotten so much worse. Constant pain in low back with muscle spasms. and now I have neck issuses causing my Right arm to go numb during sleep and throughout day. Opinions on my outcome Anyone have similar problems or can relate to my story. I'm on SSD for 5 yrs as well. One month after I was granted VA comp at 10% I was awarded SS disability unable to work.
  8. @broncovet Thanks. So I complete I9 and wait for BVA? Is this a hearing in front of a judge?
  9. Hi I'm confused. I got my SOC couple days ago. 1. Is this the end of my appeal? 2. What is substantive appeal? 3. Purpose of the SOC? I am 100% disabled with SSD, one month before the VA gave me 10% disability for my back injury. I just need help with explanations of these steps/processes.
  10. Hi I'm appealing my 10% rating for Lumbar strain/sprain, ddd My injury occurred in 1993 in service but since then Ive had some accidents exacerbating my back pain muscle spasm. Will va increase my rating based on increased pain? Any help appreciated. I'm also on SSD for my back.
  11. Is there a "decide my claim" button for nod appeals?
  12. I fell on my back while attempting to touch anti static stem on c141. Since 1990 have had bouts of muscle spasm and Djd. What are my chances of getting a rating? Everything documented and sent in.
  13. Yes, I believe it is a dbq. I never seen one. The doctor fills it out? or the patient?
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