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  1. Hey, I got a question. Do you know if you can get aid and attendance (Special Monthly Compensation L&1/2) for PTSD and hold a job? Currently at 100 Permanent and Total plus Special Monthly Compensation S for having a condition at 60%. Personally, don't have a job yet. Failed out of voc rehab twice, trying for a 3rd. Even then, I'm going to need to accomodations. Trying to work as a nurse for the VA. Got a long road ahead of me. What do you think?

    1. Tbird


      you'll get more views by. posting this in the VA Claims forum here 

  2. Broncovet gives solid advice and shows command of the regs. Medically speaking lupus effects all systems of the body. The criteria for SMC L or higher are spelled out and lupus rated at 100% aottomatically should qualify you for SMC L. Read again those criteria that qualified you for lupus 100%, in that you need the assistance of another to make it through your day. I have to believe you have the genuine need for SMC L OR you should never be rated at 100%. I hope this makes sense, if it does then let's put our heads together and figure out your pathway. Broncovet is right on in what he is say
  3. Hi, I am Jim Moreland, lupus 100%, 70%, SMC L, K. I am in.the process of applying for increase in SMC as I write. I am a Physicians Assistant with ober 30 years of experience. If I can be of any assistance let me know. Sincerely Jim
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