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  1. Peaches1962, From what I've read here in these DBQ's things look favorable for the secondary claim opinion. The verbiage looks to be in place and supportive of your claim.
  2. So the 1st visits are completed with the psychiatrist and it went well, he did a series of test to rate anxiety, depression and PTSD levels. I appreciated all the advise - I am headed to the VA next to request a primary care doctor (at the advise of the psychiatrist) Levels of the test revealed high scores for depression and anxiety both of which I didn't think I had. Thanks again for chiming in and giving some direction. I'll keep you posted along the way on this claim.
  3. I'll be doing my 1st Psychiatric visit this afternoon - I haven't filed a claim at all yet but have started the intent to file dtd. Nov 1, 19. This visit is to help establish connections to various aspects (of which none from what I can remember) are listed in my medical records - I've started my claim maybe 9 times now since the late 90's and I've always stopped because I felt like I do right now, but I'm going today and here's what my concerns are. Only this time my spouse is tired of me waking up and or not sleeping at all and ask if there was someone I'd like to talk with about it. So here I am. How do I relay insomnia as a result of not wanting to miss a movement (I wake up about every 40 mins or so) and have been since I almost missed a movement because I overslept for desert storm. Missed my flight but went on the 2nd wave - had a good friend loose his legs to a mine 'i was supposed to be on that 1st wave' smh.. The movement reprimanded incident is in my SRB as a but not medical record at all as I never claimed any sleep issues? How do I talk about how PTSD anxiety and depression in spells? Also not in my record books at all (I feel ridiculous asking right now let alone talking to the Dr. about it)? He's worked with Military Vet's before which is why I chose him - how would I ask he note things so that the VA is clear and can use what we find out during our visit? I'll pay for these visits (as I've said I haven't begun the claim process yet outside of intent to file until my medical records arrive) there are other things in it I'll add separately once I can verify them. Thanks for suggestions/guidance.
  4. Just reading Buck's original post makes my stomach all twisted! I clearly recall being told "if you have all your limbs, both eye's, and your hearts not purple then stay out of the true DAV's way! " And so I did - and here I am 20 years later awaiting my Medical Records in preparation to file my very 1st claim. I discharged in '91 smh... I stared my intent to file on Nov 1st in e-benefits.
  5. Buck52 Thank you for this link! I was just looking for some step by step instructions and help in the starting process -
  6. Thanks! Really glad to have found this site and even more excited about the volume of knowledge and help pertaining to VA Disability Claims and experiences. I am here to help (when I have more knowledge) and share my own claims journey as well. I am in the beginning stages of opening a claim and don't want to make the mistake of overlooking anything and not preparing adequately. Thanks again for the forum and knowledge.
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