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  1. My rating is 70% and am pretty sure I don't have VA dental coverage. After many phone trees I got through to the Delta VADIP people, it is $45 a month for pretty much the same coverage I have now under Delta PPO, all the same dentists are in network. Met Life supposedly also a veteran plan. Crowns cost $450 after insurance payment with my current Delta, that has been the same for all 10 years or so.
  2. Does anyone have the VADIP dental insurance for veterans through Delta Dental and can talk about it? I have had Delta Dental PPO for 12 years. The VADIP is about $48 a month vs $72 for what seems like similar coverage, but I am concerned with finding dentists in network, i.e. would they be in network for VADIP if they are for PPO, etc.
  3. Thanks for info, I will wait to see, please advise if you can when you get the ruling.
  4. I received 70% SC decision after an appeal with IMO in Feb 2011, Portland Oregon. The case has not been reviewed since then. I passed the ten year mark in Feb 2021 making the SC determination permanent though the rating percentage could still be changed. Reason was aggravation of high functioning autism (there was psyche “counseling” and a potentially dangerous med prescribed on active duty on a remote desert air base when I was 18-19 yo). Was awarded SSD in July 2018 on first try with no appeal needed, reasons were high functioning autism (same as VA SC award reason) and “poor impulse control
  5. Yes I am struggling with all those types of decisions, I got SSDI two years ago on first try with no appeal, on pretty much the same grounds as my SC determination was. I have not worked in 4 years.
  6. I have been 70% SC since Feb 2010, just over 10 year mark now.
  7. Asking if a TDIU filing can be rescinded by the vet before a ruling. No editorial comments please, just asking for a yes or no from someone who knows for sure.
  8. URL below is to a job posting for apparently someone off the street with only an HS diploma to review vet medical records. Name of company is Maxim Healthcare Services based in Philadelphia. Is this something new? Why is this being allowed? I was under the assumption that vet cases are handled by trained doctors and psychologists at a minimum. https://www.indeed.com/viewjob?jk=e7ab19035746f5ec&tk=1ecf1oadcovm1800&from=serp&vjs=3&advn=8600910873538342&adid=268753156&sjdu=lWi5ePLDRnMc0VlxfzXY7q5DE9ynfqsOG4Vzx876sMbDkcIiVP0ykd_ak7VrxfaZzVdb_562WZ9HzgD96qfVNdjxGkM
  9. Update. Got call from nurse today. They have ordered the test kit (actually 2, apparently both for me), 63 days after I made the initial request. So I guess the right thing to do was do nothing and wait, at least they have been responsive. It is a send out to a 3rd party lab. There are two versions of the test one more accurate and more expensive than the other, don't know which it will be.
  10. Tx for reply. Phone call with VA primary care yesterday. Unknown to me it was in the works for me to get the urine test at the VA as requested but it died on April 9 because the lab head didn't do anything. I wrote electronic message May 8. Primary doc reactivated the chain, said he didn't think this was an unreasonable request, said similar to PSA which VA doesn't typically order but will if vet asks for it. He said he had no idea what or who a "Service Line Advocate" was.
  11. At suggestion of response to a post on this forum I sent a request for a test through the va.gov portal on 5-7, got this reply today 5-18. Do I need to "reopen"? Or is it being acted on? Is the "Facility Advocate" at my VAMC? What is the "Service Line Advocate"? va.gov routes to specific hospitals. I am asking for a urine test to substitute for a scope procedure, which I know the VA can obtain through two labs it has a relationship with, I verified it. The local VAMC head sent out email last week saying they are having covid outbreaks among staff in various departments. Ap
  12. Sorry still makes no sense. I was trying to use the messaging tool. Had nothing to do with finances. Nothing. Yes I get benefits electronically, so VA already has my info and I am sure I never submitted to a credit check to get them. Absolutely positive. I can check my credit report anytime, I don't need the VA's help (or whatever company this is) to do it. Are they going to say I can't message my hospital if they find something they don't like? Or something is on there illegally that can't be removed even after multiple attempts through the bureaus even after lawsuits that the vet won
  13. I tried to use the ebenefits site Thursday to send a message, and it said I had to "upgrade to premium" to be able to do that. It then asked for permission to do a credit check. I backed out at that point because my credit is none of the business of the VA or the no doubt private company that is running the site. Why is this being allowed? Is this recent? Why aren't vets protesting this? Even if I were to allow this I would likely have to unfreeze credit agency accounts to allow the check. Ridiculous. Why is this allowed?
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