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  1. world_wide

    Meb Or Peb

    MEB/PEB is taking a long time for me. It has now taken been more than 3 years for me. I had a NARSUM dictation 2 weeks ago and have still not heard anymore from them. I was active duty for 10 years and am now in the National Guard. PEBLO told me anywhere from another 1-4 months depending on when paperwork submitted to PEB. They told me I would be done by November of last year(2011.) They were totally wrong, I am still waiting and heading into year 4.
  2. world_wide

    Got My Letter

    Good for you.
  3. world_wide

    Somebody Pinch Me.... It Can't Be Real

    You realize he will never forgive you if you let him know before the end of film. Show him.
  4. world_wide

    Ao Ihd Success! Money In The Bank Today.

    Good on you. All the best.
  5. world_wide

    1996 Bva Remand Decided Today!

    Well done
  6. world_wide


    Thanks Rick. Yes the wait was long, however I think the key to waiting on a long process is to keep busy. I took classes and worked when I could and that helped pass the time. Also I have a friend(former marine) who has been waiting 4 years and is still waiting. So things could have been worse. your welcome, thankyou.
  7. world_wide


    No that was not me Coot. I do not watch TV. I will be paying off creditors for the next 10 years. I am more relieved that my treatment at the VA is now taken care of. Had an appointment there last week and I have another next week.
  8. world_wide


    It did include an appeal, yes. Thanks.
  9. world_wide

    Ptsd Qtc Yesterday.

    I brought evidence to my first C&P exam and the examiner did not submit it to the VA. I then submitted evidence to the VFW rep who ensured the VA received the info. When I completed my second C&P exam (appeal) the examiner had all the evidence. Although, I did produce additional evidence for the examiner, it turned out to be a mixed bag. I did ask the examiner if she had various items from the doctors I had seen in the past.
  10. world_wide


    Got the official letter from the VA yesterday confirming what the DAV said. So now I wait on the back pay I suppose. VA says my first pay day will be April 1st.
  11. world_wide

    Success At Bva After 4+ Year Battle!

    Great effort.
  12. world_wide

    Iraq Vet, Been Fighting The Va Since 08 For Benefits.

    Keep going man. I have been at this since 2007.
  13. world_wide

    A Celebration Indeed-100% P&t Granted In 5 Months 1 Day!

    Congrtats to you both.

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