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  1. Meb Or Peb

    MEB/PEB is taking a long time for me. It has now taken been more than 3 years for me. I had a NARSUM dictation 2 weeks ago and have still not heard anymore from them. I was active duty for 10 years and am now in the National Guard. PEBLO told me anywhere from another 1-4 months depending on when paperwork submitted to PEB. They told me I would be done by November of last year(2011.) They were totally wrong, I am still waiting and heading into year 4.
  2. Got My Letter

    Good for you.
  3. Somebody Pinch Me.... It Can't Be Real

    You realize he will never forgive you if you let him know before the end of film. Show him.
  4. Ao Ihd Success! Money In The Bank Today.

    Good on you. All the best.
  5. 1996 Bva Remand Decided Today!

    Well done
  6. Sucess?

    Thanks Rick. Yes the wait was long, however I think the key to waiting on a long process is to keep busy. I took classes and worked when I could and that helped pass the time. Also I have a friend(former marine) who has been waiting 4 years and is still waiting. So things could have been worse. your welcome, thankyou.
  7. Sucess?

    No that was not me Coot. I do not watch TV. I will be paying off creditors for the next 10 years. I am more relieved that my treatment at the VA is now taken care of. Had an appointment there last week and I have another next week.
  8. Sucess?

    It did include an appeal, yes. Thanks.
  9. Ptsd Qtc Yesterday.

    I brought evidence to my first C&P exam and the examiner did not submit it to the VA. I then submitted evidence to the VFW rep who ensured the VA received the info. When I completed my second C&P exam (appeal) the examiner had all the evidence. Although, I did produce additional evidence for the examiner, it turned out to be a mixed bag. I did ask the examiner if she had various items from the doctors I had seen in the past.
  10. Sucess?

    Got the official letter from the VA yesterday confirming what the DAV said. So now I wait on the back pay I suppose. VA says my first pay day will be April 1st.
  11. Success At Bva After 4+ Year Battle!

    Great effort.
  12. Iraq Vet, Been Fighting The Va Since 08 For Benefits.

    Keep going man. I have been at this since 2007.
  13. A Celebration Indeed-100% P&t Granted In 5 Months 1 Day!

    Congrtats to you both.