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One Of Our Members Has Died

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Today I was notified by email that our Hadit member

Arch, had died on December 3,2008.

His wife named Kari found me in his address book on

his computer and sent me an email.

He fought the VA long and hard.

I think he finally just got 100% SC P&T around Sept. 2008.

We emailed and enjoyed each other's cyber-friendship.

He will be missed.


This is the email his wife sent me.


This email is from Kari, Archie's wife. I found your address on his

computer while searching for info and I know he would communicate with

you on VA stuff. Just wanted to let you know that Archie passed away

December 3. It was very sudden and somewhat unexpected since he'd

received glowing reports on the status of his health from the VA

doctors, recently. But he went the way he always wished he would,

quickly and peacefully and painlessly, I think, so that was a great

blessing. I miss him very much. He was a wonderful man and we had a

good life together for 43 years.

I hope this email finds you as I thought you might want to know.


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OMG...Carlie! I am so sorry to read such a thing. I recall some posts through my researching old threads with his name. At any rate, I hope you are doing well and please let his wife, Kari, know that I will pray for her peace and comfort during this time. You also take care.

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It is so sad when a family member here dies , and especially after fighting the dogs at the VA and receiving what he was deserved just before his untimely departure. My heartfelt condolances to his family and lets us remember Arch and his family in prayers. It is also noteworthy to notify the dear lady that she is eligble for his pensions widows DIC and the cemetary responsibility and help from the VA including his headstone, which information for filing is set up on this wonderful website. God Bless and thank you Carlie for the posting of this. NEVER GIVE UP. C.C.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

Arch was a fighter and will be missed. Carlie I hope that you let Kari know that there may be help for her on Hadit.

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Oh No- I knew Arch for many years via hadit and he had a long battle with the VA.

Something looks wrong-she might have basis for a Tort FTCA claim -

if a vet gets glowing health reports and then they suddenly expire- something seems really strange there to me-

He was a wonderful man-this is very sad news.

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