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Autoimmune Disorder Connection To Jet Fuel Exposure?

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it is looking more and more like i have autoimmune disorder and i have read some stuff, but nothing definitive that links jet fuel exposure to autoimmune disorder.

anyone else out there with autoimmune disorder that has been able to connect it to jet fuel exposure?

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i believe at one time i read some post from hoppy on jet fuel exposure. several months ago though. i too have been trying to link my exposure and maladies. mine are smr recorded incidents.good luck,i will be folowing this thread.

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My cancer is now service connected as a result of exposure to petroleum in the decision letter the RO aknowledged that that there are assocaitions between jet fuel and immune suppresion.

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Did you have an independent medical opinion to support your claim?


kw34 did this involve JP-4 specifically?

There are many unresolved claims like this at the BVA- you did VERY WELL!

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Yes, 2 imo's yes I refueled aircraft for 20 years lots of toxicology info submitted along with MSDS info I identified JP-4,5,7 and 8 I worked with all.

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very interesting. tbird can benefit from your info.can you copy and paste the imo's? i also have jp4 issues where i was saturated and burned ,recorded in my smr's. i have also got pd-680 issues.[benzene] before the bad stuff was removed by the epa,1972-1977 time frame.

who was your docs on the imo's? my doc's are weanies and don't have the testicles to buck the va.

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I wrote the IMOs presented them to my doc with the research info they agreed and signed my IMO the timplate was from Jim Strickland at VA watchdog I found him just before i found hadit. I was aming for presumbtion from the 1st gulf war there was a direct link. The letters were not fancy 1 page and it is at least likely as not (50/50 probibility) that it caused my condition. Jim i worked with the same tce, skydrol, pd680, tric, 5606, 7801, acetone and diesel fuel

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