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Currently Relocating From Houston To Las Vegas

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Hi everyone,

I have been planning my retirement move to Las Vegas for some time now. I was waiting for my Nehmer AO claim to finish and now in process of relocating.

The question I have is this:

I appealed 2009 Houston VARO decisions and asked for a local hearing and DRO.

At this time the local hearing has not been scheduled.

I have the Texas Veterans Comm. as my Vet Rep.

Do I ask for my files to be transferred to Nevada?

Will they perform a local hearing in Nevada and send the tapes to Houston?

What about my TVC rep? Can I change from TVC to DAV in Nevada?

Any help/comments/discussion will be appreciated.


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  • HadIt.com Elder

Explain your situation to TVC and maybe they can hook you up with another VSO in Nevada. You are going to have to make sure everyone knows about your change of address and talk to all parties involved to make sure they don't drop the ball. This may prolong your appeal or shorten it. I don't know because you are changing VSO's and RO's in the middle of an appeal. I don't recommend doing this but I know you must at times. Just don't assume everyone has the word until you verify it yourself.

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I went from Dallas to the Las Vegas area two years ago. Health-care is problematic because there is no central campus, BUT a VAMC is being built on the far North-East side of town. I think it's supposed to open in 2012 (you can check the VA website.) As it is now you sometimes have to go into seedy parts of town and be surrounded by a dozen or so hobos that get angry if you don't give them money to wash your car's windows with sewer water. Inside is okay because they have guards, although they can act a little power crazy at times.

My C-file is still at VARO Waco, but I haven't had reason to relocate it and I haven't had a claim if 15 years or so. If you transfer your files expect it to add months to your claim, at least that was my experience 15-20 years ago.

I think to get the best advice you need to speak to the rep in Texas and the rep you are considering in Nevada and then weigh their responses against each other and make a decision. Every claim is different and if I told you what happened 2 years ago is probably going to be changed in some manner today.

Military retirees earn their retired pay by service alone, and those unfortunate enough to suffer a service-connected disability in the process

should have VA disability compensation added to their earned military retired pay, not subtracted from it.

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I have completed my move to Las Vegas and have been settling into the new abode. I have contacted the VAMC people and transferred my medical coverage already.

I called the VA and updated my address changes with no problem. However, they have given conflicting advice when asked about my current VA claim situation.

I finally called the Texas Veterans Commission and spoke with a nice service rep.

She said I would have to get a different organization from the local services here in Vegas. She was going to contact the VA for me and inform them of my move and also to ping them on moving forward on my claim as it has been some time since filing the appeal,. She said she would copy me on the letter to the VA.

I will have to do the local hearing at the nearest VBA facility here in Las Vegas and that they will transfer my claim file to here.

I guess the next step is to go in person to the local DAV here in Las Vegas and ask them to represent me going forward.

Anybody out there have comments on the DAV in Las Vegas?

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  • HadIt.com Elder

Just be very sure all are on the same page and everyone in VA land knows you have moved your claim to Vegas. If you have the slightest doubt make sure your whole C-File is at Vegas RO. If VSO's don't want to pick up on your claim hire a lawyer. Your c-file is just paper. It can get lost. That scares me.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

Getting out of Houston RO may be the best thing that has happened to you.

Veterans deserve real choice for their health care.

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NSA, they person you want to deal with in Las Vegas is Jose Burrola. He is a great guy, and a disabled vet. We work with him, and everyone that we've talked to loves him. He is very busy, as you can imagine because everyone requests him. His office is a seedy part of town, just down the strip mall from the North Clinic. I suggest you get there early because he sees people off of a list, that you must sign up on when you get there. I think the doors open at either 6 or 6:30am, and Jose gets in around 7:30am, however, you must get there early enough to get on the list because once it fills up, he doesn't see anymore people.

Here is the number for the office, you should call because it tells you what days they see vets. 702-636-3000 ext. 4154

This is the website for the Vegas DAV - http://www.davnevada.org/serviceofficers.html

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