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Nevada (Nv): Reno

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Recently received my decision letter on 2 FDC's I filed last Aug. Most interestingly the decision letter came from the Ft Harrison, MT RO. Letter from the Montana office of the VSO arrived the same day stating the claim had been brokered out to that office. I received three in progress letters from the Reno RO, nothing mentioning the brokering though.

LV VAMC has been great so far!

I haven't had much direct interaction with the RO yet, but that's about to change as I'll be filing an appeal.

Sorta related...anyone had a positive experience with the VSO NV Veterans Services? basically wasted about 4 months of my time so I switched to DAV. Ended up waiting awhile due to a number of factors. They were OK at first but seem to be going in the wrong direction so we'll be parting ways.

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