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Nevada (Nv): Reno

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Reno Regional Office

This topic was created to try to help veterans who use this regional office. It is designed to offer a way for them to possibly help each other or band together to possibly get services improved.

When commenting in this topic, please try to do so constructively.

1. Mention reason for interacting with this regional office;

2. Give your pro/con on this interaction;

3. Without betraying private information, try to offer information or warnings that might be helpful to others when dealing with this office.

4. Please do not give names, phone numbers or addresses of specific persons at this office. If you do so, the post will be deleted.

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The Reno Regional office is not the worst, but it is #48 out of the 58 other regional offices. I often look at the Monday Workload Reports, which I've noticed that the Reno office has had claims pending over 125-days by 60% for more than 2-years. It's currently over 70%.

Filed Reconsideration Aug 2011, went to Preparation for Decision in the beginning of Feb 2012. Called one week for status and was informed that this office's average timeframe in P for D was 92 days; called 1 week later to inquire about monthly payment issue, and 'while I got you on the phone' asked for status update, and was then told that the average timeframe in P for D was now 107 days. Impressive, in one week, they are backlogged by 2 more weeks.

My oponion of the Reno Regional Office is: It's like putting an SOS message in a bottle and hoping one day somebody will read it and send help.

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Just pulled the latest and greatest from the Monday Report

Percent pending over 125 days has went up by about 2.5% in the past 2 months. Wonder how many claims are getting completed per month that's the magic number that would help to understand the process better.

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I just got a call from the Reno Regional Office Information Officer and during the conversation he told me that on average, Reno claims are taking 2 years. He also said that they have over 12,000 claims with only 50 people working them. Out of 12,000, my husbands claim in #1,250 (or thereabouts). This claim has been open since 8/11. I find this amazing that the VA finds it reasonable to let only 50 people work 12,000 claims (and no new hires). That's 240 per person. How many could a person possible work in a day?

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While watching the hearings I saw Congressman Amodei question Hickey as to why Reno RO is the only RO that has DECREASED it's staff and budget. No answer was given due to the 5minute time restraint. grrrrrrr.....

Hickey is supposed to visit Reno RO next month.

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