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Hello everyone I am trying to help a friend he was a combat engineer in Nam . He file a claim in 1983 for jock-rut, a nervous condition, and a dental condition got denied.

IN 2004 at a BVA hearing the first two condition got reopen with new evidence and a remand order for THE RO or AMC to get his SMR from Grand Rapids VA Medical center,where he

was being treated for mental condition and also an Exam and to give an opion as to whether it sc or not. He is currently being treated for jungle rot at VA. He has records he was in hospital

in Da Nang. He also work in this area while there. VA has done nothing on the claim since 2004 they fail to follow the remand order. I suppose to go with him to RO tomorrow either to file new claims

or get thee status of this one. He need help I just dont know what to do to help.. AO claim is something I think he could also apply for but this is not a subject i know too much about. HE has boots on ground

and he has disabilities that could relate to maybe AO I just dont know. Anyone with any suggestion please reply Thanks so much

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Welcome to Hadit. Its great that you are trying to help another Veteran. You will find that Hadit can be a big help.

Good Luck

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To me, a request for his VA file would be one of the first things to do, even before a new claim or an inquiry concerning an old claim is made.

The VARO's have been known to do "funny" things to files that may show VA errors. (Pages have been known to mysteriously vanish)

Requesting a copy before any other action usually results in a "blind" copy, without a review of the records.

(Unfortunately, this can also result in some blank pages, since the file seems to be placed in the copier, and bulk copied without a complete comparison with the original.)

If there is anything in the records showing that there are A/O related conditions, and the VA previously "botched" the job, Nehmer may also come into play.

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If you two have a long drive to get to your VARO - I would get some question

answered first - here.

Can you post his docket number at the BVA so someone might look that over ?

Also the 1983 denial - Reasons and Bases or Narrative section.

If his claim at the BVA level has remained open and under remand since

2004 - and the remand instruction hasn't been completed yet - there is something not right.


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I would also suggest that he request a copy of his active duty SMR's from the NPRC as well as his 201 file. Use SF-180 to request these, you can fax them the form. It takes about 6 months. I just received mine recently and found some things in my SMR's that the VA does not have. He was a combat engineer in Nam, he probably has tinnitus (ringing in the ears) he should file for that as well. Hit them with everything you can. GOOD LUCK

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Many Nam Vets had (and probably still have) jungle rot - you might need to make sure the VA has the medical term for that.

This BVA case shows what I mean:

10% SC for a specific manifestation of jungle rot with the medical term.

"and he has disabilities that could relate to maybe AO I just dont know"

I will bump up link to the entire AO disabilty list in the AO forum-

as Carlie said if we can read the BVA remand we can help more-

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Jungle rot can be what you mean by jock itch aka

"tinea cruris or ringworm of the groin, is an infection of the groin area caused by fungus."

Also funguses like this can affect the hands and feet.

The hot and humid environment of Vietnam certainly was a breeding ground for all sorts of skin fungus problems.

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