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Fee Service Strikes Again

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  • HadIt.com Elder

A couple of days ago I got a bill from my Dentist for 5600 and on it was typed in responsible party.

So Tuesday I asked the Fee Service Lady to call me back. Of course no call and I went up to see her the only way to corner the weasels at the VA. I asked to see her and a lot of scurrying around and I was given a number to call from the clerk of the lady who pays the bills.

I called her and she told me that although she had authorization to pay 6600 she had not received the final claim.

After 20 minutes I told the clerk at the Dentist a very helpful person by the way I could not wait and I was going on to PCP appointment. She called someone and said to wait 10 minutes and I said I could do that. Than a woman came out and wanted to take xrays and I said no way that I would come for a scheduled visit but all I wanted to do was to talk to someone besides a clerk about the bill.

More scurrying and phone calls and asked it I could wait 20 minutes and I said in a very loud voice. Y'all have let me down, made me embarrassed to face my Dentist and if the bill is not paid in 10 days I was going to talk to the big bosses.

30 Minutes later my wife got a call that the bill was paid as of today and a apology that it had been misplaced. I had gone to see the lady who did not return my call and she had promised it would be paid this month. She was on sick leave not expected back till Oct 12th.

Why do they lie to us?

Pete PS I have an appointment to see the Dentist next Wednesday. Sure hope that she has her money

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If you don't mind my asking - what did you have done that cost $5600. The reason I am asking is that my wife needs dentures, which will require that all of her remaining teeth be pulled, etc... I have no idea of what it is going to cost, or even to try and figure a ballpark amount.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

A bunch of fillings, three crowns one gold and two were ceramic all in all I spent about 30 hours at Dentist. I was happy that I got the ok and I think she actually did it cheaper and in shorter time than VA could have done it.

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  • HadIt.com Elder

You can spend thousands of dollars if you get a few implants and crowns. I got fee base to pay for some of my dental work a few years ago. It took me months and months. You do have to be persistent. I think they are just lazy and cheap. I have paid out of my pocket for an implant and even a crown and filling because the VA was dragging their feet. My private dentist said some of the VA work was substandard. My peridontist said the same thing.

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In Feb 2010, the VA pulled all of my upper teeth and I was to get a full upper denture and a partial for my lower front four teeth. I was in complete agreement, as my teeth were really bad.

It took until the beginning of September 2011 to finally get the upper denture, and I am still going through the process to get my lower partial. However, even though it has taken an extremely long time to get the dentures, I can't complain about the look, feel, or fit. I don't have to use denture cream and I really have to pull to take out the upper denture. I only hope the lower partial turns out to fit as well. I have no complaints against the Memphis VA Dental department, other than they take a long time. And my cost was zero dollars.

Now my wife is a different story, and I have been hoping that the CHAMPVA Dental Pilot Program would have been started by now. As far as I know, other than a RFI issued, nothing has gone forward on this issue.

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  • In Memoriam

This is good and bad.

Pete, I am so happy that you stood your ground in a patially restrained way. When they do this to me I get extremely angry. Then my anger sends me into depression. It becomes a vicious cycle of depression and anger, for me. This VA reluctance seems to add to my dis-ease.

It appears that their are groups of nurses that violate FOIA to cover for their Global incompetence. From gossip to downright criminal actions against Veterans, with no over-site. Pardon the pun, but getting them to pay is like pulling a tooth.

My dentist insisted that the roots of my teeth were causing the pain rather than the one tooth that needed a root-canal. 'Oh, just use this flouride tooth paste' were the directions I was given. I went on with the extreme pain for four months. Went to him, told him that if he did not pull the object tooth; that I would have someone hold the camera on the dental building and me; that I would pull the tooth out with a pair of pliers; put the video on youtube. He finally pulled the tooth that just needed a root-canal. Pain was gone completely. I was ready with the camera, a pair of pliers, and some needle noses in case. I did not have pain in the tooth until he worked on it, before, in the first place.

I just don't get it...

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