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Fee Service Strikes Again

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  • HadIt.com Elder

A couple of days ago I got a bill from my Dentist for 5600 and on it was typed in responsible party.

So Tuesday I asked the Fee Service Lady to call me back. Of course no call and I went up to see her the only way to corner the weasels at the VA. I asked to see her and a lot of scurrying around and I was given a number to call from the clerk of the lady who pays the bills.

I called her and she told me that although she had authorization to pay 6600 she had not received the final claim.

After 20 minutes I told the clerk at the Dentist a very helpful person by the way I could not wait and I was going on to PCP appointment. She called someone and said to wait 10 minutes and I said I could do that. Than a woman came out and wanted to take xrays and I said no way that I would come for a scheduled visit but all I wanted to do was to talk to someone besides a clerk about the bill.

More scurrying and phone calls and asked it I could wait 20 minutes and I said in a very loud voice. Y'all have let me down, made me embarrassed to face my Dentist and if the bill is not paid in 10 days I was going to talk to the big bosses.

30 Minutes later my wife got a call that the bill was paid as of today and a apology that it had been misplaced. I had gone to see the lady who did not return my call and she had promised it would be paid this month. She was on sick leave not expected back till Oct 12th.

Why do they lie to us?

Pete PS I have an appointment to see the Dentist next Wednesday. Sure hope that she has her money

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  • HadIt.com Elder




Good on you Pete!! I am so pleased to hear of a vet standing up to the Fee Base Dept! I have had bad luck with my FB office and your post gives me some hope ;-) YAY!!!! ~Wings

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This most likely does not have any relevance here, but I thought it was funny. When I was still working, one of my co-workers needed dentures. She went to a Dentists, and had the work done. The Dentist apparently agreed to let her make installment payments. Well this Lady went in for a check up, and when she was finished, she ask for her dentures. She was told that because she had failed to make any payments, they were going to repo. her dentures. I have heard people having cars, and such repodded , but dentures. She came back to the office all pissed, and without teeth.


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