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Just be sure you have a statement from a doctor saying you are unable to work solely due to your SC condition. That is the basis of TDIU.

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Getting a statement from your doctor helps. A lot of them are hesitant to provide such a statement but if you remind them that, under VA rules, they have a duty to assist veteran's in such matters they'll give in. Sometimes it takes a little push in the right direction.

Regardless, unless overwhelming medical evidence already exists in your VA records they will probably send you for C&P exams (mental and physical) for another opinion. Hopefully you'll get a doc that is more thorough in answering the rater's questions than my docs were and they won't have to send your file back to the examining doctors for clarification. That kicked my IU claim back from Decision to Development phase and its been stuck there for weeks.

I told my VSO that if they deny my IU claim, I'm marching right up to the VARO and applying for a job and see how quickly they turn me down when I explain all my limitations. For some folks IU seems to be cut and dried and for others its an uphill battle. I hope yours goes smoothly and quickly.

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Thank you, good advice. I was wondering if a imo would be okay. based on the reason for their decision i would not hire me. Do veterans have to disclose their disabilities to an employer.

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Try and get a government job. You get points for being a disabled vet. Potential employers are not supposed to be able to discriminate because of your disability, but they do it but never admit it. I don't know what the exact law is about disclosing your disability.

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