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13 Months To The Day

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after being in the decision phase for 7 months ebenifits now shows I'm back in the gathering of evidence phase. I hope it is a c&p to see how severe my symptoms are. If it is for an oipion as to service connection I'll be pissed.

I submitted a fully completed claim with inservice occurrance, current condition and an IMO from Dr. Bash relating the two.

If they send it out for an opinion then they will be developing evidence to deny the claim which I though was illegal.

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Could be a review of the evidence already in the file or, ordering a C&P to establish the current rate of disability.

Hang tight, at least there is activity on your claim.

Good Luck ...

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<li>this is the same thing that I am going through. Peggy said that i had dto have a C&amp;P exam for a medical opinion.&nbsp; Mines is for sleep apnea aggravaite by my service connected sinus.&nbsp; I have a cpap and been dignosi with sleep apnea and submitted a letter stated that my sinus aggraviate my sleep apnea.&nbsp; That the cpap machine causes my sinus to be worst in the morning.</li>


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I also have a restrictive lung disease claim in (apnea and Kyphoscoliosis in thoracic spine).

My apnea was not diagnosed untill 11 years out of service. Have medical opinion from pulmonologist and board certified sleep medicine doc. reviewed my records and said you had this in service...onset of hypertension, large neck, snoring, right atrial enlargement, bad EKG, problems maintaining weight. Of course VA wanted C&P even though they referred to this medical report in multiple decisions. I expect to hear something in next 90 - 120 days (submitted in Jan 2008). I fear we will end up making a trip to the BVA over it but what is another 4-5 years in VA time?

What I noticed is that I had horrible sinus problems (4-5 sinus infections a year requiring antibiotics) along with GERD. After diagnosis and CPAP treatment I maybe have 1 sinus infection every 2 years now. Make sure you get a heated humidifier (and do the maintenance)!

The C&P was a joke....can't offer an opinion without resorting to mere speculation, but she didn't address the other opinion or include any of the most likely or not jargon. just passed on commenting.

Best regards,

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