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Heart Stress Exams

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  • HadIt.com Elder
On 2/17/2012 at 5:29 PM, grent said:





 First you need to be approved by CCP for Community Care Program, If your approved for outside care  and the private Dr accepts the VA Insurance  then VA will pay the outside care bills. but the office at the VA THE COMMUNITY CARE people will call around the private sector and give you the list to choose from or if you have a Dr  that you want to see  then you need to let the VA Community care people know and they will call this place and set you up   this place will inturn call  you to set up the appointment. Or appointments.

but make sure your approved first.

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There was a recent question here about a heart exam-and community care 

This thread is messed up-

here is the info the recent veteran needs to have:

This issue was discussed here recently:


The neighbor I mentioned was rushed to a non VA facility ( he is 10% SC) and had an unexpected heart attack.

On page 5 of the above I stated:

"Thanks, this veteran does not use a computer.

I called the Patient Advocate and he gave me the Community Care # at Bath VA.

All I need is his last 4 of his SSA # and will get that today-

or his friend who lives with him, maybe she should call the number I got...and

he said there should be no problem with this."

I believe you would have to call the Patient advocate at your VAMC unless they have a number listed at their web site for Community Care.

The woman who lives with him called the number the Bath VAMC PT advocate gave me, and left a message-about a week later , maybe sooner, the veteran got a call back and gave them the info they needed.

This was an obvious emergency and the veteran could not have called the VA sooner.

They put a stent in , and he was home within a few days, and feeling better,and the non VA cardio doctor prescribed a specific heart med-

However he needs to see the VA cardiologist to get that med approved for payment because it is not a normal medication VA prescribes and costs $400 for a month's supply.

He has Medicare Part A and B and also TRICARE. I told him to consider Medicare Part D when open season occurs."






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  • HadIt.com Elder

Unless things have recently changed, I believe that the VA cannot bill Medicare. They can bill "private" insurance. In not a few cases, the VA's co-pay or deductible is less than private insurance.

In theory, payment by an insurance company to the VA is deducted from your co-pay.

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