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Space Available Travel - Lobbying For It

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Dear fellow Veterans:

Today I sent a simple email message to my Congressional Representative George Miller. I'd encourage all Veterans to send a similar message to their Representative to advocate for this Tax neutral benefit for Disabled Veterans. You can copy my message below and adjust it accordingly.

Dear Honorable Miller:

Currently, I'm a Disabled Veteran, being well taken care of by the V.A. in Martinez C.A., and for that I am grateful.

In the next few months, it's likely I will be rated 100% disabled due to respiratory and other challenges. Thankfully, I can still walk and hike in a limited capacity.

With my limitations I can still travel, and recently discovered that Disabled Veterans (especially 100% ratings) are not eligible for Space Available travel on DOD aircraft.

Further, it's my understanding numerous Bills have been introduced to both the Senate and House, and none have survived or passed for signature by my Commander-in-Chief.

As a Citizen, and Disabled Veteran, I'd appreciate your advocating for this important Veterans' benefit which would be a negligible cost to Tax Payers, and a great social and morale booster by enabling Veterans to visit family in our mobile society.

Respectfully yours,

Peter Cxxxxxx

Disabled Veteran

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This fight has been going on for years. The retired military feel it would be taking seats from them, but half the time the planes go out with many emty seats. They are catergory six which is the lowest catergory. This means that they can not have a seat until all 5 catergories before them have a seat. I think they should just make a catergory seven for 100% disabled vet's. This would stop the retired military people that fly space a stop fighting the bills to give disabled vets the right to fly because the retirees would have first shot at the seats then the disabled vets, catergory seven would be no threat to them. Hope this makes sense to you.

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Make complete sense, and IMHO (no such thing...wink.png ) 100% Disabled Vets served as long, hard and distinguished as 20 year retirees. There must be a way to push for this. Here's my Congressman's response.

May 1, 2012

Mr. Peter I.

Dear Mr. X,

Thank you for contacting me to share your support for space-available flight privileges for retired military service members.

As you know, Space Available Flight is a privilege where military service members, their families, and service retirees are allowed to fill seats on Air Force air transport flights that would otherwise be left empty. The seats are made available on a "space-available" basis and are only done so once all the space-required (duty) passengers and cargo have been accommodated.

Currently, "gray area" retirees (National Guard members or Reservists who are eligible for retirement but under the age of 60) and surviving spouses and their dependents are not eligible for full Space-Available travel.

Legislation is pending in the House of Representatives, The Space-Available Act, H.R. 4164, which would extend full Space Available travel benefits on military aircraft to National Guardsmen, Reservists, "gray area" retirees, and surviving spouses and their dependents, which would allow them to fly with the United States and internationally.

Certainly, given the enormous sacrifices that National Guard Members, reservists, and spouses make in today's modern military, extending Space-A travel to them would be a small, but significant gesture to recognize their efforts in helping to ensure our freedom.

I look forward to reviewing this or similar legislation when it comes before the full House for final consideration. I will certainly keep your support in mind at that time.



Member of Congress

P.S. Keep up with the latest news from Washington at GeorgeMiller.house.gov and Facebook.com/RepGeorgeMiller.

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Hey Ping Jockey,

Rep Miller did not even mention disabled veterans in his answer back to you. It looks like he wants everyone else to fly but not disabled vets. Did I read his letter back to you right? I am 72, better hurry if I ever get to fly space a.

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You got two chumps/moderators at Military.com forum who are tying anchors to this issue, so don't go there. And they slam Vets looking for help half the time.

There is a new bill. Contact your Reps to get this out of commitee and signed. This is what I sent to the Armed Services Committee. And if you go to Open Congress web site, it will help you contact ALL your Congress reps at once...

"Honorable Chairman Howard P. McKeon

Armed Services Committee

2120 Rayburn House Office Bldg.
Washington, DC 20515

Reference: H.R.164 Space Availability travel for service connected Permanently Disabled Veterans

Versions of this bill have been floating around the halls of Congress for decades. I pray that you will move it out of committee and onto the floor.

Taking care of Disabled Veterans who were not medically retired from their service, yet sustained injuries severe enough to warrant apermanent and total rating is a small benefit to extend to us. Many of us pine for our days in the Military and traveling to see the wonders of our sacrifices, here and around the world.

The aircraft we would be able to fly on give priority to our Nation’s defense and we would only be occupying seats which would have been left empty. It is hard to imagine why this has not been enacted before.

Your endorsement and help in passing this legislation would certainly be another accolade you could cite as your support for America’s permanently Disabled Veterans. And it would be nearly cost-free."

Edited by Watchdog311

Change does not come from Compliance mad.gif

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I do not know why they will not pass this. At least make the catergory 7 so 100% vets and their spouse could fly. Half the time, the planes are not close to being full. Some body with some power has to get to the congress to get this passed. These guys will tell you they are going to help and it never gets voted on. It has been going on for years.

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